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  1. cookie64

    The things you take for granted - border crossings.

    This, I think, will be the first year for a very long time that I wont be able to venture over to the High Country and catch up with a lot of 4x4 Earth friends, and just hope that they are all well & safe and not too badly affected by the incredible behavior by some, and some of the decisions of...
  2. cookie64

    IT advice for Email hosting

    Who is hosting your domain as you should have a number of email addresses that you can use and they typically are reachable from either Webmail or Outlook? If and when my ISP decides to stop hosting email then I will simply redirect that address to my main hosted email server
  3. cookie64

    O’Tooles ripped up again

    I have been holding my breath for what / how I really feel about this, I was there a couple of times earlier in the year, once for New Year, the other for the Wedding of the Century, and it was picture perfect on both occasions. There is phone reception at the top of Flats Track so it is doable...
  4. cookie64

    LCOOL Missing

    I think they have had themselves in hand for a while :)
  5. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    I did invite you but you didn't RSVP. I had a sneaky feeling that it was you doing a little rain dance prior to my departure and had all the roads closed :) I did feel really really bad that you weren't there, even saved a spot next to mine for you and created a fire big enough for you to sit...
  6. cookie64

    How to connect Solar panel(with regulator) to a dcdccharger

    As Bill rightly said above you should only have 1 regulator. On my blanket I removed the regulator that came with the blanket and connect it directly to the solar input of my DC-DC cheers
  7. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    Sooo, thanks to CoVid and then the rain we made it to Plan G :) With the road to Mt Dare and the Pedirka PAR both closed and also our planned exit via Warburton closed as well it was definitely not happening Planned to leave on Saturday but the rain prior mean't that a swag of roads were...
  8. cookie64

    SA to QLD avoiding NSW. Heading for Charity Run on Fraser Island September 4

    just a heads up Having just got back from a trip I would strongly recommend contacting DPTI or looking at the Outback Roads for the State, reason I say this is, at William Creek a couple of cars of young blokes were heading to the Simpson and the staff were warning them about travelling on...
  9. cookie64

    SA to QLD avoiding NSW. Heading for Charity Run on Fraser Island September 4

    I just uploaded the track information from the last time I was there (last year) and did a screen shot cheers
  10. cookie64

    SA to QLD avoiding NSW. Heading for Charity Run on Fraser Island September 4

    Hi Scott, from Arkaroola you head up to Mt Hopeless and on to the Strez, from there you keep going until you hit Merty Merty then through to Cameron Corner - watch your speed as some of the rises can have big bulldust holes, it should take you a good day, if you have the time I would find a bush...
  11. cookie64

    Corona virus

    Maybe the Government has, but I think you may find that the individual Nursing Homes have made it their Policy, it's fine if you don't agree but then they refuse you entry and use someone else who is willing to get a jab & do the work. Interestingly only 1 sparky was willing to have the jab...
  12. cookie64

    Corona virus

    Unfortunately many Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes are making it "Policy" to have everyone have the Flu Vaccine as a condition to entry, I recently had the Flu jab for the first time ever but I understand they are trying their utmost to prevent Flu taking care of those that are currently...
  13. cookie64

    Travel Buddy Oven Trays

    Good to hear Luke, Yeah this trip is purely because I can see a window of opportunity but making sure I don't leave the state otherwise it could land me in trouble with clients. Always welcome to jump in if the opportunity should arise cheers
  14. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    I sooo wish you guys could too, I know a couple of other Mexicans that wanted to do the Simpson this year which is why it was on my radar cheers
  15. cookie64

    Another death on Fraser

    Looks like a 100 / 200 series to me, the apparent flatness of the sand is misleading, it has small undulations that are spaced apart and at speed you get a bit of up/down motion happening, I was getting overtaken by a few people when I was there last year, I go at the speed I am comfortable...
  16. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    Longest day is always the first day getting to William Creek - 833km, after that the usual get going by about 8 / 9am and pull up around 3/4pm, the last day from Parachilna is around a 6 hour day 458km, works well for me. If you can, do the Old Ghan Track and drop into Chambers Pillar -...
  17. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    Well, Covid has upset Plans A, & B so Plan C looks like being invoked, crossing into Qld then back into Adelaide is too risky for me in the vent of lockdown as I can't afford to self quarantine with my workload so this trip doesn't leave SA. Leaving the 8th August from Adelaide heading up...
  18. cookie64

    Travel Buddy Oven Trays

    Got off my butt and ordered 2 x Small & 1 x Large for yet another Simpson trip in a couple of weeks, open to anyone if interested leaving 8th August @mac_man_luke do you find it adds much time to your cooking having both trays or a large tray in?? @Bru9 both the Original Travel Buddy and the...
  19. cookie64

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    OMG, nearly stopped reading after Green :) Trouble is you need to be concerned about who they are sending their preferences to
  20. cookie64

    CTEK solar

    I have a CTek coupled to my AGM located down the back and when parked up run it off the solar with no issues, I run a 50L Waeco quite often at -10c to keep food frozen. Just make sure you remove the panels PWM controller prior to connecting to the CTek so it is getting the raw solar power, I...