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  1. Olelux

    Top mount inter cooler

    Gday fellas. Wonder if anyone here has a top mount inter cooler on there ln106. If so what type did you use? And can you please put some photos up? Cheers jarvie
  2. Olelux

    No low beam

    Gday everyone. Hope all is well in your worlds. So my headlights decided to play up. The other day my low beam stopped working but the high beam works just fine. Checked every relay I can find and did aswell. A mate and my self had a bit of a look into it and ended up with no light lmao...
  3. Olelux

    Cracked oil filter

    So this is something I’ve never come across in the 30 or so years of play with cars. Since I’ve put the turbo on I’ve had an oil leak (nothing big) that I’ve been chasing down. Turns out it’s a cracked oil filter, I find that very strange. What would cause this? I’ll get a photo next available...
  4. Olelux

    Workshop manual wanted

    Gday earthlings, has anyone in the Perth region have a workshop manual for a ln106 diesel that I could purchase or borrow please? Normal I’d hit the interweb and get a PDF but I’d like a hard copy much more. Cheers Jarvie
  5. Olelux

    Fuel pump mixture screw

    Gday, I’ve just put the turbo on my 2.8 3l goes well but need more fuel. If anyone could post a pick of the screw location would absolutely awesome. Cheers Jarvie
  6. Olelux

    Aircon. Ln130 to ln106

    Gday brains trust, I’m wanting to know if anyone has put an aircon setup from an ln130 to a ln106?
  7. Olelux

    Head light globes

    Gday earthlings, a mate gave me these globes. I have been told that they might fry the wiring. Is this true?
  8. Olelux

    Help please?!? Turbo 93 hilux 2.8

    Gday fellow earthlings. I found this on gumtree. Will this bolt straight on to my motor like the add says? Please help as I don’t want to buy and find it doesn’t fit. cheers Jarvie
  9. Olelux

    Engine flushing

    So old mate across the road was saying he would flush his cruiser engine with diesel. Is this a good idea? What do you guys flush your engines with? I ask this because I want give mine a flush next service. Cheers guys Jarvie
  10. Olelux

    Tub dimensions ln106

    Hi,me again. Got another question for the rodeo owners,particularly the tf dualcab model. What’s the width and length of your tub? Yep I’ve looked on the interweb for the answer and had no luck. I’m asking because I’ve had a canvas canopy (just the canvas) given to me real cheap. Kind of hope...
  11. Olelux

    Winch bars

    Gday all, so the curiosity has got the better of me,and I’d like to know if you can bolt a cradle onto your chassis, cut a whole in your aliuminum bar bolt a guid onto it and job done? Or do you actually need a steel bar? Cheers Jarvie
  12. Olelux

    Led lights

    Gday, I want to change all my light to led globes. I’m wondering how many resistors I need for the indicators? Cheers Jarvie
  13. Olelux

    Seat swap for a hilux (ln106r)

    Gday people, what seats have you put into your hilux? I’m thinking about swapping mine for something more comfy, a seat that you sit in and not on, a seat that will soak up the bumps a bit better. I’m thinking some surf seats as I assume they bolt straight in. Cheers Jarvie
  14. Olelux

    Help please

    Gday brains trust, doing my timing belt and water pump and a couple of seals. I’m struggling with the harmonic balancer bolt. What’s the best way to remove with out a rattle gun ? Cheer in advance brains trust. Jarvie
  15. Olelux

    Turbo on a 2.8

    Gday all, wanting to know what turbos from other hilux’s/surf’s would bolt straight on to my lil 2.8 ? Cheers
  16. Olelux

    Another newbie

    Gday all, as you can see by the title I’m new to the forum, from preth Western Australia, I get around in an olelux 93 2.8d big stock apart from rims and some at’s. Don’t mind getting out camping with the fam and a bit of 4wding, riding bikes and of course having a few beers.