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  1. Dirty Rang

    Budget GPS Shroud

    I was out driving today and my iPad mini that I use for navigation started overheating (34* and sitting in the sun will do that), so I decided to make a shroud to give it a bit of protection. I had this stuff lying around. A couple of cuts, some staples, a few bends and some more staples and...
  2. Dirty Rang

    Tracking mates.

    We all have that bastard mate that leaves us waiting for them at the start of the track. Is there an app that lets you track where they are? I'm using an iPad mini 2 and I know you can do it with Find Friends if they are using Apple but are there any other options?
  3. Dirty Rang

    Hema vs VMS vs iPad mini

    I'm looking for a new gps. At the moment I'm tossing up between a Hema HN7, a VMS 700hdx or an iPad mini running any or all of these apps (which app is a whole new debate I guess). If anyone know the pros or cons of these units I'd appreciate your input.
  4. Dirty Rang

    Hi All.

    Just new here. Trying to figure out how it all works.