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  1. cookie64

    Plan C - Oodnadatta, Simpson Desert & Coongie Lakes

    Well, Covid has upset Plans A, & B so Plan C looks like being invoked, crossing into Qld then back into Adelaide is too risky for me in the vent of lockdown as I can't afford to self quarantine with my workload so this trip doesn't leave SA. Leaving the 8th August from Adelaide heading up...
  2. cookie64

    Google Ads making the site unusable

    I was online this morning having a quiet peruse and then it became unusable and in the end despite closing the ads down numerous times I gave up, it just took over the entire site, logging out & in did nothing so have left it for several hours and came back just to post this.
  3. cookie64

    Landcruiser 200 GX

    Well, as mentioned to a few people at the SA Meet last weekend, I finally walked into a reputable dealer, they are rare as rocking horse poo, and bought a new 200 GX to replace my 5 year old one. Would you believe the SA Government have now switched to these and have cleaned out the state...
  4. cookie64

    South Australia Cape Elizabeth warning

    It appears that the person has returned placing spikes on the tracks Five tyres punctured by sharpened spikes hidden in 4WD track at Cape Elizabeth The Advertiser November 28, 2016 7:24pm A MYSTERY vandal has returned after 12 months to a Yorke Peninsula beach to plant dangerous metal spikes...
  5. cookie64

    Outback WiFi brought to you by Toyota

    Very interesting article, could be a real game changer in the outback for safety and general comms will be great for the stations running remote pumps etc http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/12/researchers-are-using-land-cruisers-in-the-outback-as-a-wireless-network/ cheers
  6. cookie64

    Hay River Track

    This trip starts on the 1/9/2015 from the NT Gemtree Caravan Park heading to Batton Hill Camp which is a compulsory overnight camp. A Permit is required from Jol@Direct4wd.com and I am currently waiting for further information on the cost. We intend to get into Birdsville on the 5th September...
  7. cookie64

    Where is Multi Thread / Reply?

    Not sure if I'm missing something but I can't seem to be able to do Multi Replies like the old site - ie tag each post and reply, I realise you can Reply and then scroll back and reply each time but it is a little frustrating cheers
  8. cookie64

    Happy Birthday Mt Dare

    Just seen a post from Dave Cox from Mt Dare "Happy 13 Mt Dare anniversary to us. On the 3rd of May 2002 Mel & I started our first day running the Mt Dare Homestead, as it was called then. The rest is history, who could have ever imagined such a journey, our experiences and all the wonderful...
  9. cookie64

    Sleeping bags

    My current sleeping bag is about 20 years old and thinking it's time that I should update before my next trip so the big question is, what is the best & warmest sleeping bag currently around that people have had 1st hand experience with, the ratings are typical marketing BS and don't really...
  10. cookie64

    Simply Irresponsible hosting

    I am dumbfounded by the seemingly insane approach that a Facebook group has taken with respect to a Recovery Group - SA SOS Recovery. Someone got stuck yet again in an area that is obviously not condoned for driving though as the vast majority of this group seem to do. Now if anyone on this...
  11. cookie64

    Any publicity is good publicity - or not

    It seems Jeep may have bitten off more than it can chew No Cookies | The Advertiser really unfortunate when companies aren't proactive in retaining clients but spend huge dollars in seeking new ones Good to see "The Checkout" is onboard with this cheers
  12. cookie64

    Expect more tracks to close

    I guess we will be in for another fight against closure of remote access roads given the latest example of sheer stupidity. I know Chard tried to get access to a track in SA running alongside a railway line but they closed it due to people flagging down trains due to them being stuck, I can...
  13. cookie64

    Simmo 2015 - Googs Track

    Just thinking out loud to extend the Simpson Crossing as organised by Les and come home via Googs Track Current thoughts are Day 1 Thursday 9/7 Leave Mt Dare to Coober Pedy via Oodnadatta potentially staying in a Caravan Park in order to freshen up :) ( Food & Fuel top up as well as any...
  14. cookie64

    Gobsmackingly Stupid

    I am gobsmacked at the sheer stupidity of some that own 4wd's This gives us a really bad name cheers
  15. cookie64

    Coongie Lakes now Malkumba

    Minister Ian Hunter Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation / Minister for Water and the River Murray / Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Coongie Lakes National Park in the far north-east has a new name, with a new dual name coming into effect. Minister...
  16. cookie64

    SA Parks Bookings

    Well it had to happen, what they do in the Eastern States must be brought in here, I personally think it is a bad idea as who knows where they are going to be whilst on holiday. Ahh the stress of having to be in your booked spot at your booked date New online booking system - National Parks...
  17. cookie64

    Disgraceful behaviour

    Just came across this article Rock art vandalism, including graffiti, imitation carvings, devastates WA Aboriginal elders - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) We were over there and it was evident that we are being slowly denied access to a lot of areas because people just seem...
  18. cookie64

    RIP Lindsay Bookie - Hay River Track

    Unfortunately Lindsay Bookie has passed away last Saturday 2/8/2014 RIP Direct 4WD - Welcome to Central Australia
  19. cookie64

    Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday 80loverGXL Brian, hope you have a great day cheers
  20. cookie64

    Current condition of Tanami, Gibb River Road and Kalumburu Roads

    Hi all, we are about to set off on our trip and was wondering if anyone had been through any of these areas and give us some up to date information on the current conditions of the roads and maybe surroundings. Thanking you all in advance cheers