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  1. typhoeus

    New recovery product

    found this of farcebook. ( one of the few items on there worth a mention) https://hairoily.com/products/bog-out-turns-your-wheel-into-a-winch-gets-you-unstuck-from-anything
  2. typhoeus

    Madness at stockton beach

    Numb nuts at stockton beach https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2020/06/15/astounding-vision-emerges-of-stockton-dune-jumpers/
  3. typhoeus

    What? no more V8 landcruisers?

    Well, thats the rumour going, https://www.caradvice.com.au/846148/toyota-landcruiser-v8-dead-yet-another-report-spells-the-end-of-an-icon/#utm_source=Nine-Front-Page&utm_medium=Referral
  4. typhoeus

    looking for a navara?

  5. typhoeus

    whats with Stockton Beach?

    i just heard on the radio that Stockton has a major erosion problem, and that old tank traps from a the war(?) are exposed preventing use of the beach. is that right?
  6. typhoeus

    Loaded 4x4 magazine

    Here is a link to a 4x4 magazine some might be interested in, its based in S. Aus and does articles on new vehicles and other 4by related topics. I dont have any affilliations with it but found it interesting and entertaining so i thought Id share it here...
  7. typhoeus

    ex military equipment auction

    here is a link, for those interested, to regular auctions of landys, trucks bikes spares, etc etc, maybe something here will tempt you. . . . . https://www.australianfrontlinemachinery.com.au/auction-intel?utm_source=EDM&utm_medium=Button-Intel&utm_campaign=June19-EDM
  8. typhoeus

    Psst . . wanna buy a winch?

  9. typhoeus

    Christmas Day pics

    Near Geroa, (south of Kiama, nsw) taking in the view while I let a feed of fried eggplant, fish and chips with salad settle!
  10. typhoeus

    a common enough occurence

    "The owner is reportedly understandably upset.. . ."
  11. typhoeus

    new must have gadgets!

    This might be of interest to the tech savvy gadget freaks! https://hyperstech.com/smartcar/order.php?net=1403&aff=thegoodway&sid=52725b5a-4881-4d9c-af55-d00a20ba6810&cid=dF7P0KSSV7BEMGLHHLLRQDD4
  12. typhoeus

    new player on the block. . . if you can afford it

  13. typhoeus

    1969 FJ Landcuiser worth US $85K ??

  14. typhoeus

    guess I'm gonna need a new diff. . .

    bits in the oil and a knocking noise coming from the housing. tooth off methinks
  15. typhoeus

    Custom Built 2018 Ford Raptor ‘The Velociraptor'

    https://www.providr.com/custom-built-ford-raptor/?utm_source=yamaha9&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=providr 6x6 ford ute, What do you think?
  16. typhoeus

    you got your CTP refund yet? (NSW)

    well, I actually got $115 back from them, . . . gotta win one sometimes!
  17. typhoeus

    A 4wd what?

    A recent post on the forum prompted me to look to see what other kinds of "normal" vehicles have been made int 4x4s and I came up with a few.
  18. typhoeus

    Dont ya just love driving your "Bountifull Rice Field" ?

    Or, your God of Wisdom? or, your Fifty Bells? Well, come Here to find out what your favorite car name means. . . ! http://www.complex.com/sports/2013/11/literal-english-translations-of-your-favorite-foreign-cars/toyota
  19. typhoeus

    A milestone coming up!

    My old '98 Hilux is coming up for a big milestone! She has a few scars from life, a few wrinkles, the odd bad habit, but she's my baby, and I love her!
  20. typhoeus

    Some one is having a VERY bad day!!

    This would have to be one BUMMER of a Christmas for these people, Hope they had good insurance! http://www.9news.com.au/national/2016/12/31/15/18/four-wheel-drive-filmed-rolling-off-the-back-of-a-barge