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  1. Choook

    Vehicle Access Permits Qld - Survey

    For those that live in Qld or those that holiday here and use these areas, have you say in this Department of Environment and Science survey. Survey
  2. Choook

    Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Auto - SOLD

    See if I can get it right this time. I’m selling my 2000 Land Rover Discovery II TD5 Auto 357,000km $6000 ONO The good: APT slider side steps APT steering guard APT fuel tank guard APT spare tyre carrier King +50mm heavy duty springs with Proride shocks and steering damper Xrox bar with...
  3. Choook

    Treading Lightly In A Land Rover or 3

    Found this video and this is how it should be done with virtually zero damage to the track or vehicles. This track has a chequered past with roll overs and vehicle breakages. I can only imagine if this was the 4WD Action crew there would be lots of reving, dust and small boulders being spat...
  4. Choook

    SE Qld Forest Closures 8 Nov 19

    This from the HQ Plantions website for SE and Central Qld. Quote Very high fire danger closes plantation forests in SE and central Queensland 8 November 2019 All plantations managed by HQPlantations in state forests and on HQPlantations freehold land from Mackay to the NSW border have been...
  5. Choook

    Available Petrol Octane Levels?

    This is not specific to 4WDs and my Disco is diesel, however, SWMBOs little C2 has to run on 95 or 98 fuel but retailers are ditching 95 in favour of E10 94. Which leaves those with vehicles that run on these Premium fuels (and I'm sure there are many here) no choice but to use the over priced...
  6. Choook

    Another one bites the dust

    And another one's gone. Admit it you sang the title and first line above. :p Anyway on a serious note. Yes this track/road has been gated (even though the gate was open) and sign posted. This is not even a "track" it is more a dirt road (Caves Rd) that I have used as a long cut between two...
  7. Choook

    What will we do?? zero emissions???

    Found this article tonight hmmmmm.....?? :oops::confused::( Wonder what we will do with such vast distances, lack of infrastructure and general dislike of government heavy handedness. No doubt just follow the US blindly as usual, given that the greens will push for something similar once the US...
  8. Choook

    Amamoor SF/Wrattens SF/Surrounds - Ceda Grove 18-19/5/19 ---CANCELLED

    I have posted this in another forum but have not had a lot of response so putting it out here as well. As long as you are ok with travelling with Land Rovers, at least one anyway. At least you will know you can be recovered.:p Yes this is the weekend of the election, and yes, that is part of...
  9. Choook

    Mobile phone plan and coverage.

    So my contract is up and Optus are closing down Virgin Mobile so it is time to find something else. Thus far from my research, reading reviews and talking to prospective providers, I have come to the conclusion that ALL mobile phone providers are crap. Do I just take a chance with ...
  10. Choook


    Just had a thought that maybe a calender could be a useful addition to the site. I know the Mods work tirelessly for no financial gain but I would envisage posted trips could be inserted to the calender and linked back to the original post for information. Other items could be posted into the...
  11. Choook

    Is HF 27Mhz CB a viable alternative to UHF?

    I did a bit of search and found plenty of mention about 27Mhz and UHF but couldn't glean enough information to satisfy my questions. A little back ground. I last operated 27Mhz CB's between about 1976 and 1983. Then for reasons I won't go into (and am a little angry about...still) left the 4wd...
  12. Choook

    Unique Christmas Gifts

    If a moderator deems this as not allowed or inappropriate or I have breached any T's & C's, then please remove and accept my apology. As there is no 'generic' 'for sale' area I put it here. Looking for something unique for that special someone or maybe just something unique for yourself or to...
  13. Choook

    Ex Council D-Max anyone?

    Ex Council - City of Gold Coast Beach Patrol Vehicles up for grabs 2014-16. Low K's but I'd be wary of underneath...
  14. Choook

    1985 G-Wagon (Lloyds Auction)

    This is a corker, wish I was flush with extra cash I'd be on this. If only my Lotto numbers would come in. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=9864&lid=1583865
  15. Choook

    Penalty Notices Queensland NPRS.

    I was having a look through the QPWS booking site at some places that I am thinking of camping (when the weather warms a little bit more) and from my google searching stumbled on a link to data sets for Penalty Infringement Notices. So me being a nosey bugger poked around a bit and here is some...
  16. Choook

    Bush Bashing!?!

    I was reading another thread and someone was asked what they want to do with the vehicle they were wanting to purchase. This is where the term "Bush Bashing" came up. To me these two words conjure up images of 37" tyres and ploughing through mud holes with the surrounding terrain at window sill...
  17. Choook

    Android and Windows

    After much research and constant to and fro with the Minister for War and Finance I have aquired a Samsung Galaxy A6 10.1" with S pen (secondhand but like new, check out the Lloyds auction site for ex comm games stuff) to do my route planning and navigation. So I now have the appropriate...
  18. Choook

    Gunnery SGT Hartman aka R. Lee Ermey

    Actor and voice actor Ronald Lee Ermey passed away 15 Apr 2018 (March 24, 1944 – April 15, 2018) aged 74 Perhaps best remember as SGT Hartman the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. One of my favourite movies. Before acting he actually was a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps which is...
  19. Choook

    Aldi workshop compressor

    Got an email for Aldi specials tonight and advertised for Saturday 21/4/18 is a Workzone Titanium Compressor (don't think it is made from titanium, it's just a name). Specs seem ok, 2.5hp, 271lpm (9.6cfm), 50l tank, max pressure 145psi, 2 outlets and pressure guages, $149. Had a quick look at...
  20. Choook

    Land Rover 70th @ Cooma

    WARNING: This post contains Land Rover porn. Our trip to Cooma for the 70th Anniversary of Land Rover celebrations was a memorable affair and one that I hope to take again. There is talk of a 75th but there will definitely be an 80th. The first night out was in Girraween National Park (Qld) at...