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  1. old parthy

    TJ's 4x4 Park 11th & 12th July

    If i can get some number's up for a simple weekend at TJ's I will be from there from friday night to sunday lunch time. If the weather seems to be a little too wet , then i will postpone the trip for better weather. Trip was cancelled
  2. old parthy

    Whats Gembrook tracks like

    I'm down from Sydney again this year, looking at doing some tracks again ..last time tried looking at Gembrook but was told that most had been graded... Anyone been out that way in the last month? Or am i doing Toolangi again.. which i didn't mind, and know there's lots that i haven't done...
  3. old parthy

    Ok short notice .. . .Jellore S/F this sunday15th

    Need to get out and about... This will be a day trip on what should be dry medium tracks.... Please let me know on here if you would like to go ... need to work out numbers before Friday , maybe Saturday afternoon at the latest. . . . . . New comer's are most welcome... And yes if the car...
  4. old parthy

    Just A good old girl

    This poor old car has been driven hard over the last few years ... It had done everything i have asked of her, and a little more. . . Iv'e done some mods to her after i got her, 2" lift, 245/75/16 muddies and rims from a R50 pathfinder. I found a snorkel on a R50 at the wreckers and fitted it...
  5. old parthy

    New DIY Camper trailer

    Ok, seeing i dont have a money tree .... I knew i had to build a 4WD trailer to do my 1st OUT BACK trip.... Why build a trailer when there's heap of 2nd Hand camper out there?... Well i drive a low KM's pathfinder and with no sub tank.... i will need to carry at least 100 litres of fuel to...
  6. old parthy

    TOOLANGI 6th Jan 2019

    Very happy with trip, Ok met up at BP service station around 8.00 am.... Three cars ended up at the meeting point with a 4th to meet up at the beginning of 1st track. We had a small chat about what tracks in Toolangi we would do. As we were about to get to the 1st Toolangi forest sign post we...
  7. old parthy

    Was Gembrook , now TOOLANGI on 6th... is now full

    OK, last UPDATE, We have four, May even have six if all go's Well. I Am running a Winch and have recovery gear on broad, along with a chainsaw if we need it. I dont have any Max tracks with me this trip, so if any one has them and is going on this trip....Bring them along if you want too...One...
  8. old parthy

    WD21 V6 1995 Low km's

    Ok its a 1995 Pathfinder (WD21) V6 with very low KM's.. when i got it , it had just 42,000kms and is called a WALKABOUT which means it came with everything from nissan ...... And as to why white doors? Well i got it just over two years ago with the doors tied shut... The guy that owned it had...
  9. old parthy

    New to page

    H all ,...just in Vic for a few days. staying in Pakenham, and was thinking that it would be great to find someone that maybe doing the Bunyip tracks this weekend