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    What do I need to power a projector

    Hi guys. What would it take for me to run this projector of of a 12v battery? hopefully you can tell from this but I honestly have no idea what to look for..
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    Help with engine trouble codes. (Kia Sorento BL

    Hi All. I'm trying to get back on the road after my last failed camping trip and was hoping that I might get some help. Firstly I am having serious engine troubles on my Kia Sorento 2006 BL EX. I have noticed that the Tacho stops working or fluctuates (bearly moves dial) and at the same time...
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    Aldi solar and battery question

    Hi guys I picked up the solar panels and battery/battery box from Aldis the other day. I’ve read the instructions but have no idea how to use the controller. I’ve dropped the battery in the box and connected the solar panel via to the outside of the box but it doesn’t seem to be adding charge...
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    Places to visit in Blue mountains.

    Wondering if anyone has some ideas of things to do in the blue mountains (well another side of mountains really)? I'm going with a friend that has been to Jenolan caves before but not really seen anything else. I'm planning to stop at the 3 sisters for him on the way through, and then we'll head...
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    How long can i run a fridge of battery

    Hey guys, I am looking at picking up a Waeco CF40 whilst they are on special ($500) but was wondering how long I can run it off a battery for. I If required I think I can squeeze a second battery next to my main (if i rotate it 90 degrees) and that should be fairly cheap, but I was wondering how...
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    Help with 2006 Kia Sorento Aircon

    Hi Guys. I was wondering if someone might be able to help me work out how I can diagnose where the fault is in my aircon. I am fairly sure that it's the compressor in some way, however, I would like to rule everything else out to be sure. Especially as the compressor is so damn expensive. I...
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    Help with camping site upto 3 hours from sydney.

    Hi Guys, I am having trouble locating a camping spot for Easter. I usually go to the duckmaloi but wanted to try somewhere different this year. I was looking at Turon but just found out that they have a total fire ban, and I'm really looking for somewhere where we can sit around the fire and...