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    Iron Man Bull Bar brackets for prado 120

    I rang Ironman Dandenong re. a mounting bracket / kit for a 2nd hand Ironman bar my Brother bought They said they would not sell one, as the condition of the bar is an unknown......... This was about 3 months ago
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    Camping set ups without drawers to reduce utes weight.

    I use HD canvas bags (like sports bags) Use different sizes for different uses & also use them to keep all relevant items together i.e. cooking utensils in one, recovery gear in another etc. They are light, easily adaptable in shape for both the internal contents / objects & with the available...
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    Prado 120 6V exhaust upgrade

    Yes, 14 is very good. I have 265/70/17 Toyo M/T which does cut the revs a little bit, but also takes a bit to get it rolling, with such a heavy tyre. If you drive it with a fair bit of mechanical sympathy, (like I do) then reasonable mileage can be expected, but it doesn't take much to have that...
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    Prado 120 6V exhaust upgrade

    Yep, had my 120 series petrol Prado for 240,000 kms & 16 is what I get....... 14 when it's idling at traffic lights.
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    Led headlights

    I'm with red hilux, thinking it is a negative switched vehicle, like my 120 series prado Good luck with it Mulga
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    Manual free wheeling hub problem.

    No idea if it is "side specific" but - as the left hand one fits / works, try that one on the right hand side..... if it fits, then there is something clearly wrong with the right hand one you are having trouble with Mulga
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    UHF Repeater Channels

    I'm in Pakenham & receive the automated message loud & clear Mulga
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    3 1/2 weeks father & son, goldfields, gascoyne, etc

    What an epic trip & write up George! You certainly covered some kms, & checked out some very interesting Country & Sites I'm glad you posted pics of the destruction & rubbish left behind by these mining companies Just because most people would never see, or know what it's like out there...
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    Mazda Tribute

    Welcome O'l Mate Awning are a great bit of kit, for either sun or rain Drawers are certainly a talking point I used to have a set, used them once, then went back to heavy duty canvas sports bags, as I found it easier, when at camp, to pick out the bag I wanted, & take it to where I wanted it I...
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    Solo Vic High Country tour

    Thanks for taking the time to share such a great trip.... looks like you had a ball Mulga
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    first time caller, long time stalker - mudgee nsw

    Welcome v8r, Plenty of knowledge, experience & interest in this forum, regardless of vehicle make, camping gear or the type of 4x4 driving you do Enjoy the banter & don't be afraid to ask if you're not sure about anything Mulga
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    Memory Lane: Interior Motives (Part 1)

    A great trip by the sounds (reads) of it Well written travel adventure, & gives the reader a snap-shot of what a vast, ever-changing landscape we have at our disposal, should we be lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel Cheers & thanks for sharing Mulga
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    Queens B/day W/end 2019 (Part One)

    Great pictures & write-up Col, Thanks for taking the time to share
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    Central Vic. (Part One)

    Haven't been exploring Bendigo for 25 years or so.... looks like it has heaps more to offer than I remember Like PP, I too, will have to visit again, thanks to this inspiring report & wonderful photos... thanks for sharing Col Mulga
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    Easter Trip 2019 (Part Two/Final Report)

    Another inspiring, quality report Col, Thanks for sharing Mulga
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    Easter Trip 2019 (Part One)

    Great report Col... with the usual accompanying interesting history .... great stuff!
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    Lake Eyre advice

    Another stunning display of photos Big Col I also enjoy the history / back-story as well..... keep up the great work
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    its got more knobs on it

    Yes you did, but they shouldn't be under-estimated.... little buggers are constantly pestering you....... enough to drive you mad (madder :)) those nets are worth their weight in gold
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    its got more knobs on it

    That's a top effort that... well done. You should be well proud of the achievement, & the commitment you have shown, to once again conquer the mind, body, spirit & Nichols Knob Mulga