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    Shock selection, length vs longevity.

    Hi all, just looking for some opinions on shock selection. I'm in an interesting place where I love driving the hard, flexy stuff but need to travel a pretty long way to get to most of it. So in my search for suspension upgrade for my 76 series I am caught between the near indestructible Koni...
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    May have found who make kings hardshells

    I was browsing hard shell rooftop tent on alibaba out of curiousity, when I came across this... Hard to say if they just have photos...
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    Slow and steady 76 series build

    Hi All, Just documenting the slow and steady build of my 2019 76 series cruiser. The goal of this build is to end up with a vehicle that is both legal and capable of tough tracks as well as long-distance touring. Nothing too exciting has happened as of yet with the build, and I have yet to...
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    G'day from the Pilbara

    Hi all, The name is Ross. I have previously owned 4wds in the south of WA but after not owning one for a few years I am looking forward to getting out bush again now I am based in the Pilbara, Luckily I have quickly made some connections with the locals. I pick up a 2019 76 series GXL this...