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  1. Minelabmaster

    Barrington Tops

    Anyone interested in a trip to the Barrington Tops over the June long weekend?
  2. Minelabmaster

    Hema HN7

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out, I have the hn7 and recently the screen has gone so dark I cannot read it unless I lock my self in a dark room. Everything is working fine I just can’t see the screen. The brightness and time settings are set correctly. Please help, I can’t...
  3. Minelabmaster


    Hi all, Has anybody on this site fitted a 2 inch lift to a 2010 Navara D40 spain built, and not had a problem getting wheel alignment correct again? I am getting a lot of conflicting replies from the businesses i have approached. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Minelabmaster

    Geocaching Megaevent Stanthorpe

    Hi all, Is anybody on this site heading of to the Megaevent in Stanthorpe QLD in April?:)
  5. Minelabmaster

    Nissan Navara 2010

    Nissan Navara, 2010 Good Points Great fuel economy Tows my 20 foot caravan with ease Plenty of room in back for camping gear Bad Points None as yet touch wood! What mods have you done Slide out drawers,Rhino Racks,Full Ironman Lift Kit,Bullbar,GME UHF Radio Fire...
  6. Minelabmaster


    Hi all, Just joined the team,looking forward to sharing thoughts,trips,experiences with other like minded people.:D