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  1. Dead End Dendo

    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    This is an old one but it makes me question the value of using a damper on a snatch strap altogether.
  2. Dead End Dendo

    G'day from sunny QLD

    Welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about drastic mods to get out and enjoy the region. Tyres are a good start as well as a tyre pressure gauge and maybe a cheap 12v compressor. If you want to do Bribie it's handy to drop pressures as the beach entry can get a bit soft and chopped up...
  3. Dead End Dendo

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    Of course.
  4. Dead End Dendo

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    Since you gents love your huts, try this one.
  5. Dead End Dendo


    Wetlands near Corio Bay, Yeppoon including a real pelican... This guy having a feed
  6. Dead End Dendo


    Nice pelican shot Col, here is mine...
  7. Dead End Dendo

    5 seats VS 7 Seats

    Chris, For your info you can't ask crazy questions like "Jeep reliability" on a forum like this - the topic will go from 7 seaters to fires quicker than you can say "is that smoke I smell". This is the second I have had, first was a 2014 petrol Grand Cherokee which was a work vehicle. I liked...
  8. Dead End Dendo

    Bugs & Other Critters.

    Took heaps of shots before getting this fluke - these beggars don't hover too long.
  9. Dead End Dendo

    5 seats VS 7 Seats

    Chris, Have a '12 Grand Cherokee, only have two kids - both in car seats but regularly have an adult in the back as well. Could fit 3 car seats across the back if needed. I did look at 7 seat options before settling on the Jeep but don't think I'd worry about one now.
  10. Dead End Dendo

    Single Burner Butane Stove

    I don't think there is enough difference to get the gold plated versions. I just bought another one last week from Bunnings for $20. Have used these stoves for years and they are fantastic. As sharkcaver mentioned get the cans with the release valve for extra protection and don't use big pans...
  11. Dead End Dendo

    need help with blow off valve

    My heart gave a flutter when I first met my missus, not too sure what that's gonna do for your hilux though.
  12. Dead End Dendo

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    Eden it is, what a cracker of a spot.
  13. Dead End Dendo

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

    This cemetery has one of the best views I have seen yet.
  14. Dead End Dendo

    WHERE AM I ? A bit of fun..

  15. Dead End Dendo

    better translation

    Maybe not that far from the truth. I'm sure we have all intended to explore a good route only to find the above mentioned gate.
  16. Dead End Dendo

    Small issue with the new tow hitch

    Joe, Had the same problem with mine, just cut off the locators and no problems in the last 5 years with it. They do not add any structural value but are simply to stop the hitch from turning. As Aaron said, make sure your nut it tight - it will never move.
  17. Dead End Dendo

    Duck Creek Rd

    Will be no problems with standard tyres. If you have a compressor it will be more comfy for everyone if you let 10 pound out of your tyres though, not essential but more pleasant.
  18. Dead End Dendo

    4WD Supa Centre - I know i know

    Harry, I just fitted a pair of the 9" lights a couple of weeks ago, good value lights. Would like a set of Narva HID's but can't justify the price for the amount of night driving I do. I have bought a few things from the Supacentre guys, never had any issues. My awning was supposed to be...
  19. Dead End Dendo

    Help me identify these connections

    This one is the circuit breaker for the brake controller, if you end up using a brake controller I would tape up the bare terminals on the circuit breaker - you don't want these earthing out on anything. This is connected in line of the black cable that is on the pair with the red cable labled...
  20. Dead End Dendo

    Hi All

    Welcome Paul, great spot up there. Used to live on Barlows Hill for a few years and ride up in the forestry when ever we got the chance.