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  1. mac_man_luke

    12v portable oven

    12v portable oven Only used once but upgraded to a Travel buddy Upgraded 12v plug Cost $50 - $30 ONO
  2. mac_man_luke

    Long way for a pie!

    With a long weekend approaching and no trips planned i started looking for ideas. I soon decided that the Farina Bakery deserved another visit and soon formed a few possible routes for the weekend. With poor weather forecast for the Friday afternoon/evening i decided to delay my departure until...
  3. mac_man_luke

    Spare wheel bag suggestions

    I finally got my spare mounted on the back of my cruiser again and that means i can put 1 or 2 wheel bags on again I have been using the supercheap wheel bags and they have done the job ok but dont fit 35s very well at all. Any recommendations for wheel bags that fit 35s and preferably the type...
  4. mac_man_luke

    New Redarc Total Vehicle Management System Looks interesting, looks like it can control all your electrics, monitor everything (inc water tanks etc) with wireless control from an app. Would be nice to have but i bet it will require the sale of a few limbs or organs being redarc...
  5. mac_man_luke


    Just watched Ronny Dahls latest video on off road convoys and I reckon its a mandatory watch for any newbies (and some seasoned 4wders!) coming on trips Very well done and covers all the important points
  6. mac_man_luke

    KMC XD Hoss alloy rims 17x9" 6 stud

    5x KMC XD Hoss 17x9 6x139.7 stud pattern +20 offset 106mm centre bore Satin Black Inc 4x centre caps, 1 cracked. Inc 4x hub centric adaptors 106mm-93mm suit ranger/ bt50 maybe more Good condition but have been off road Minor rock rash and pin striping 1 has had minor crack tig welded - good...
  7. mac_man_luke

    Amarok auto - any good off-road?

    Anyone here have experience with the 2L auto Amarok, particularly off road? Dads looking at moving on his Turbo territory for a 4wd. Wont be anything particularly challenging or extreme to start with but i know the kind of disease off roading can be haha :) Needs to be auto, diesel preferred...
  8. mac_man_luke

    Maintenance notification

    Getting the notification below every time i load a page, good to know but only need to see it once?
  9. mac_man_luke

    Big Desert/Wyperfeld June LWE Trip Report

    Another great trip with some of the SA Crew (and discomatt) Friday: Daniel3625 and myself set off about 1:30pm towards Big Desert with a nice easy run we were soon in Pinnaroo for last fuel for the weekend. After a quick stop we were soon passing through Murrayville and on to the Nhill...
  10. mac_man_luke

    Big Desert June LWE

    Planning a trip to Big Desert on June LWE (11th-13th) Possible Friday arvo departure or Saturday morning depending what suits everyone Camping at one of the campsites in Big Desert. Bush camping so you will need to be self sufficient for the whole weekend. Should get chance to drive most of...
  11. mac_man_luke

    EOI Trips May / June

    With no trips setup in the near future on the forum i thought it might be worth organising something. Im looking to do a weekender in may something like Port Victoria or similar within a few hours Adelaide. Could be talked into something a bit further eg Big Desert / MSNP. Any one interested...
  12. mac_man_luke

    (SA) 5x Brand new Landcruiser 70 series GXL rims + tyres

    5x Landcruiser 70 series GXL rims (5 stud 0 offset) with 265/70R16 Dunlop grandtrek tyres Brand new - under 100km use Price: $2500 Local pickup preferred
  13. mac_man_luke

    2015 Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Single cab GXL

    Got my new 79 Cruiser ute today, just in time to start kitting it out over the weekend. Good Points Reliable, Live axles, Ground clearance, V8 Diesel Bad Points Wheel track, Gearbox ratios, Leaf spring rear. What mods have you done? Will have the following shortly after delivery: ARB...
  14. mac_man_luke

    Easter 2016 trip ideas

    Easter 25th (fri) to 28th (mon) March 2016 Seeing nobody has posted anything yet i thought id get a thread started. Im keen for an outback trip but open to suggestions. Iv come up with a bit of a route which i reckon looks pretty promising, maybe a little too much driving for 4 days. Bit of...
  15. mac_man_luke

    WTB: 79 Single cab or 76 Wagon

    Considering swapping to a 79 single cab or 76 wagon If anyone has one or knows of a good example please let me know early research at this stage but could happen quicker for the right deal Prefer 2012+ GXL (or equivalent upgraded workmate e.g. power windows / diff locks etc) Ideally less than...
  16. mac_man_luke

    Water tank size

    Hello all Im just about to order a pair of tanks to go under my new tray build. Im going with a 70L plastic diesel tank and a matching water tank but i can't decide between 70L or 40L (same basic dimensions, 70L is just twice as wide as the 40L) or even a pair of 40L tanks I currently have a...
  17. mac_man_luke

    Big Desert Oct LWE

    Headed to Big Desert with my brother and his girlfriend for the long weekend. Got away a bit late on Saturday, not leaving until about 11am but made good time and arrived at Pinnaroo around 2:30pm. Fuelled up and we hit the dirt heading towards and along the border, turning left into Big Desert...
  18. mac_man_luke

    Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 2016 Update

    "The Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series is set to benefit from a significant safety upgrade in the second half of next year. Toyota Australia says the upgrades are intended to help the top-selling 70 Series single-cab ute increase its ANCAP safety rating from three stars to the maximum five. In...
  19. mac_man_luke

    PX Ranger diff drop install

    Yesterday i set about installing a monster rides diff drop in my PX ranger to improve CV angles and life. After jacking the front end up i had a feel of the wheels to see if i could feel any binding at full droop with the diff at stock height but there was none but i don't think it there was...
  20. mac_man_luke

    PX Ranger CV Replacement

    Today i replaced my passenger CV shaft after my failure in the high country and then failure of the replacement aftermarket shaft soon after. Job in theory is easy and shouldn't take to long. - Drained the diff (not totally needed, but my old was of unknown quality after the ordeal) -...