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  1. ball12

    single 285 75 16

    need a 285/75/16 muddy or allterrain for a spare. preferrably from brisbane or seq coast, need to pick up this weekend! contact 0417629264
  2. ball12

    05 courier vs 05 rodeo

    Hey guys I need your opinions and knowledge on which ute is better and for what reason. Both 05 models, both diesel and manual, both single cab. It will be used for medium offroading, a lot of beach, a trip to the cape next year. Which are easier to get aftermarket parts for? Which is better...
  3. ball12

    2003 Nissan patrol 4.8 st

    item Detail- Nissan patrol 4.8L Year -2003 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) Kilometres - 133000 Condition -Immaculate Price - 25000 Location -Gladstone Contact Details - 0417 629 264 Pictures - in my build thread...
  4. ball12

    STATE eg VIC - Item make & model

    265/70r16 maxis bravo 751 Item Detail - 4 x brand new 265/70 r16 maxxis bravo 751's Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (If Applicable) Engine Number - (if applicable) Condition - brand new Price - $500 Location - gladstone Contact Details - 0417629264 Postage Details - Pictures -
  5. ball12

    STATE eg VIC - Item make & model

    Item Detail - 4x 265/75/r16 maxis bravo 751 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (If Applicable) Engine Number - (if applicable) Condition - brand spanking new Price -B$500 Ono Location - Gladstone Contact Details - 0417 629 264 Postage Details - Pictures - Please ensure...
  6. ball12

    hilux donk

    one of my mates is chasing a 2.4L diesel engine for his 80's hilux. anyone able to help out? or point us in the right direction to find a reco one? cheers josh
  7. ball12

    5 x brand new KM2's

    Item Detail - 5x km2's 315/75/r16 Condition - have only driven 30 klm with them, havnt even taken delivery of my fifth which was going to be the spare. Price - $2100 Location - gladstone cq Contact Details - pm or call/txt on 0417 629 264 Postage Details - to be arranged...
  8. ball12

    gladstone day trip

    anyone wanna go for a wheel in gladstone sometime this weekend?? josh
  9. ball12

    another central qlder :) Gladstone

    gday guys, names josh live in gladstone cq, got myself a 03 4.8 patrol . few mods done to it and a few more to come. give me a pm if your another cq'er looking to go out for a wheel cheers bally
  10. ball12

    nissan patrol 4.8 2003

    nissan patrol 4.8, 2003 Good Points awesome power, flexes in the ass end like no other unless you've got coilovers Bad Points fuel fuel fuel fuel fuel!!!!!!! What mods have you done? 4'' lift including efs springs, rox extreme big bore shocks, hd extended rear control arms...
  11. ball12

    5 Rocks/ Byfield national park

    If anyone is looking for a good day trip in central queensland or a few nights its worth while checking out byfield national park and 5 rocks beach. 5 rocks has some fairly decent fishing and beach driving, a few good camping spots too.
  12. ball12

    ACT jeeper

    Hi guys and gals, just bought my 2000 jeep TJ Wrangler. If there is anyone in the canberra area we should meet up for a drive sometime. looking forward to hearing back from any canberians:)