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    HZJ105R LandCruiser

    GOOD POINTS? Oh what a feeling! Diesel Ruggered Roomy Reliable Easier to repair Parts availability Comfy Had some gear on it Capable Strong Safe BAD POINTS? It's not a VDJ-70 series :p No turbocharger Fuel economy suffers for a N/A engine 13L/100klms No power Slow WHAT MODS HAVE YOU DONE? None...

    Turbo compressor wear.

    Interested to see some peoples comments regarding compressor replacement. 150,000klms on the motor, turbo bearings are still well in spec. Only issue I relate to is if further wear will be accelerated due to flail of the edge etc. I live in a fairly dusty environment however keep the filters...

    Another tyre story

    Well, my first experience with some Poopers. Although these are the older designed ATR. Developed a shake in the left rear of the vehicle which only got worse over the next few kilometres. I was surprised to see the radial belt strands coming out of the tyre in areas of thick good tread. Usually...

    2007 WH Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD

    Good Points ● Comfortable, ● Stylish, ● Great handling, ● Fast when needed, plenty of power, ● Runs on diesel, ● Good towing ability, ● Is quite capable in stock form, performs well out on the dirt. ● Has the Quadra-Drive2 automated lockers Bad Points Not the best fuel economy around town due...

    2003 WG vs 2007 WH Cherokees

    Hi all. It's been damn hard trying to find an alternative vehicle, especially coming from reliable Jap 4x4's. All I hear are nightmare stories or Jeeps and including "destroy my", yet I see many on the road. The 2003 WG is a 2.7L 5cyl turbo diesel, which I believe is the Mercedes...

    Range Rover selection.

    G'day all. It is with grave disappointment that my condition is going south and thus I am being forced into a soft roader or something with serious engineering modifications such as dedicated airbag suspension. The fact is that I DO want to still be able to tackle the odd fire-trail/national...

    Weekenders/Short Trips. Where have you been lately. Post pics if possible.

    Thought I would start a thread on all those small trips, weekends away and exploring we spontaneously get to doing. I caught up with the 2015 Cape crew at the Daintree then tagged along till the Lions Den. So jealous that I could not attend the whole trip as had appointments to attend to, my rig...

    Mechanics cheating services.

    G'day all. Well, two weeks ago I had my vehicles 50,000klm service done with TOYOTA. I asked that they torque the wheel-nuts back on at the specified 200Nm, to which they ensured that they did. Yesterday I noticed the a light vibration in the vehicle and a strange metallic sound coming from the...

    7 Hills 4wd Track Mareeba Shire, QLD.

    G'day all. Still fairly new to the area and was considering checking out some of the local scene. Wondering if 7 Hills 4wd track is still going and any members wishing to tag along for some wheeling. At present Damo and myself are making a tentative for next long weekend 25Apr15.
  10. BTFIVO

    4x4 locations near Port Douglas QLD.

    G'day FNQ'ers. New to the area and want to know where the locals go for a bot of wheeling apart from the Creb track and Lakefield, Cape Melville tours. I am after some typical areas where the locals kick around. I have heard from one bloke that the nearest places are about 2 hours away but I...
  11. BTFIVO

    What 4WD do you miss the most. Post pics.

    Well, I thought I would create a thread for a bit of 4x4 therapy for those who pine after one 4by like no other. I know I miss my BT-50 as it was my first, but I am sure I would miss my Cruiser as well if I got rid of it. I want them all!! Actually, I originally wanted a 76 but were...
  12. BTFIVO

    Cairns to Cape York

    Well, seeing as it wasn't a typical "meeting/trip planner" I decided to place it under general 4x4 as it is I guess. I started at Robertson, NSW and stationed the bulk of my kit at Cooya Beach QLD. Since then I went through Cape Tribulation, did the Bloomfield due to Creb closure at the time...
  13. BTFIVO

    Drive Portals (drop boxes)

    Has anyone built or personally seen a 4x4 build with drive portals fitted? I would absolutely love some, just like this Troopy. If only I had the money for it all. I enquired from the manufacturer in Germany, $10,600 Euros for all 4 units. Here's a couple of Defenders as well. In Turkey, they...
  14. BTFIVO

    Dobinson Suspension Supplier mid NSW

    Anyone know who is a Dobinson supplier/fitter in the NSW area (2 hours from Sydney) wo will not rip you off? Prices for Dobinson kits have gone up from $1460 to $2100 in the past 15months..!! I was looking at upgrading the suspension as I am bottoming out on bump-stops regularly with the box...
  15. BTFIVO

    Allied Thunder 16x7 @ 5x150PCD

    G'day all, I have been in conversation with Allied in regards to ordering some Allied Thunder for the 70 and 100/105 series Cruisers in 16x7 @ 5x150PCD, to which they don't yet produce. They have 16x8 but not 16x7 which is so frustrating as you cannot run any narrower tyre than a 245/**/16...
  16. BTFIVO

    Setting vehicle up for the Cape/Remote trips

    Time is getting going by very fast, becoming closer and closer to July/August where I will be travelling up to Cairns, dropping my caravan off at a park, then continuing to Cape York. I have seen a lot of 76 series cruisers now, and I like this example the best, to which I have decided to...
  17. BTFIVO

    Tyre Blow-outs and Repairs

    I found this picture on the net and thought of it as being quite innovative and resourceful. Not sure of how far it would get you, probably until you ran out of cable-ties maybe. But if you have a doozey of a blow-out or repair, post it up..!!!
  18. BTFIVO

    WTB: VDJ76 Series ARB Gear.

    Looking for: Rear bar Spare tyre bar/holder Jerrycan holders Roofracks 2m awning And whatever other 76 series stuff you have. :D
  19. BTFIVO

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2012 VDJ76R Workmate

    Toyota Land Cruiser, 2012 VDJ76R Workmate Good Points * Reasonable snappy response * 430Nm of TRUE torque via rotating mass - ie, it doesn't get "watered down" very easily like boost-torque in smaller displacement engines * Very solid - built to last, good base for tow vehicle *...
  20. BTFIVO

    Cummins 5 Litre Turbo Diesel V8

    Well....apart from being red, I'm sure it will absolutely haul arse...!!! I'm sure it will come in silver/black as well, especially once it is installed into the Nissans It's about time someone produced a medium-capacity commonrail turbo-diesel over 4Litres, apart from the only one available...