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  1. MudPlugger

    Kumho mt51 15" tyres for sale

    Hi, Have a set of 4 near new Kumho MT51 tyres for sale. 33x12.50xR15 LT 108Q. Mounted on chrome (some rust) hj61 sahara rims. $1200 ono.
  2. MudPlugger

    STATE eg VIC - Vehicle make & model

    item Detail- Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser Year - 1983 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) - 2h non-turbo The blue 'cruiser as pictured in my Avatar. Apart from the wheels, I want to sell this vehicle as is - I don't have the time, knowledge or...
  3. MudPlugger

    gu patrol 4.5 petrol fuel pump

    Require complete fuel pump assembly (with carrier, pickup and sender) for a 4.5 petrol GU Patrol 2000. I have photos if required. Needs to be the one from the main/primary fuel tank. Vehicle now has gas tank at the rear and long range tank (petrol) on the side. Please reply to myself...
  4. MudPlugger

    VIC - Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser 1983

    Vehicle Rollover. Gearbox intermittently falls out of 5th gear, int. losing 4wd (hence rollover). I have taken a few minor things from the vehicle (I haven't removed the rims and tyres yet but I am keeping these). 2H engine, steel bullbar (no winch type), good seats (rhf seat was repaired...
  5. MudPlugger

    hj61 auxillary fuel tank

    Hi, My HJ61 has 2 fuel tanks. There is a separate filler neck for each but look factory as there is a label in front of each filler neck (main / auxillary) that is embossed into the chassis. My owner's manual only mentions one fuel tank (90 litres). I am trying to see what it should have...
  6. MudPlugger

    Real 4wd insurance

    Does anyone know which company covers insurance on actual 4wding eg in case of rollover in the bush, off unmarked tracks, river crossings etc etc Going through the paperwork that allianz has (from link on this website) and I cannot see anything specific to cover this in their reply back (I...
  7. MudPlugger

    hj60 and hj61

    Does anyone know homuch of the driveline can be carried from a HJ60 1983 manual to a HJ61 1989 Manual? Just bought the HJ61 and trying to work out what to do with the wrecked 60 (rollover) to keep for parts for myself, take it to work for wrecking or keep it to sell parts to anyone who wants...
  8. MudPlugger

    int. 4wd in 2h diesel 60 series

    First few days had this on a trip and was fine, on 3rd day had intermittent 4wd (just didn't realise it while I was driving the vehicle). Any suggestions on what is the cause? Also have int. falling out of 5th gear (can slightly push gear lever with a grind [or use clutch and lever] to put...
  9. MudPlugger

    60 series needs more grunt

    gotta get panel work sorted out first (and falling out of 5thgear and 4wd) but as vehicle parked in the shed until it is useable again, I want to know what is suggestible to make it go up hills easier. Its a 2H Diesel (engine all standard). Seems like either turbo or go extractors with...
  10. MudPlugger

    HJ60 body

    Has anyone got a body to suit HJ60 Deluxe wagon in Victoria? Needing at least shell with 1/4 panel glasses, lhf door, front windscreen etc - depending on price what I else I can grab. Vehicle I have is blue (see avatar) if at all possible. Thanks Dave
  11. MudPlugger

    Hi All

    Hi All, New to the posting game and the 4wd game (although the old man use to take us everywhere). Been on 2 trips with 4x4 Earth with my brother (Outrage) down at Warbuton and recently at Skipworth. Had a ball and am on the trip between Boxing Day and New Years coming up this time with...