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  1. CaptainBanana

    Can we go out and play?

    So Victorian restrictions have now changed to 5 things you can do - none of which say driving for fun. But I must be missing something, today in Mornington there as an exotic car cruise, muscle cars, bikes and who knows what else. Under which rule are Victorians randomly driving around? I don't...
  2. CaptainBanana

    I bought a Heep.... No longer?

    So I like jeeps and twice in the last few years I've gone into a dealership with the intent to buy a Wrangler and twice I have walked out after being given a bit of bad feeling regarding customer service and warranty, both those dealers recently closed though so I don't know what that says. To...
  3. CaptainBanana

    If you could live anywhere in Australia...

    Where would it be? Why? I know the grass always seems greener elsewhere.... I did a year in Queensland and here I am back in Victoria, some stuff was very appealing and other stuff not at all. Where have you been and wanted to stay?
  4. CaptainBanana

    Fraser in the 80s....

    Planning a Fraser trip this year and as such have been watching far too many videos. Today this beauty came up, how's the old viscounts being dragged furiously, no tvans, no kedrons, no special hitches, special tyres... Nothing at all just hook up and go. That xy panel van is great, I remember a...
  5. CaptainBanana

    Where did you come from?

    So I've been using this map for the last 10 years although I'm not sure when it was last updated. I just brought it up in another post and it actually got me wondering where are our forum users from? My folks are...
  6. CaptainBanana

    The Grampians Spring 2019

    This was another bucket lost place I managed to tick off this year, there was no off-roading as every single track was closed and apparently they're not that great anyway but the Grampians as a destination was fantastic. i actually enjoyed the hikes and climbs a lot, ill re visit at some point .
  7. CaptainBanana

    Discovery Bay Marine Park

    I finally ticked off a bucket list item this weekend by doing a trip out the Portland and having an absolute ball in the dunes, I've done a lot of wheeling in various places over the past 15 or 20 years but nothing like this and I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who's been thinking...
  8. CaptainBanana

    New uhf time... Antenna suggestion appreciated.

    Hey guys, I currently use a top spec gme hand-held for convoy conversations but find it's too limited when used inside the car. I'm looking at now moving to a g.m.e. in car UHF probably with a remote head which is fine but the antenna choice is overwhelming. I'm going to roof mount it, the...
  9. CaptainBanana

    When wifey follows the GPS in her new disco.

    I was down at Rye offering a hand to a couple guys who were offering a hand to a poor bugger who's wife decided to drive her car up a walking track where it got bogged....for 2 days. They had several towing mobs come out and decline helping them except for one peanut who turned up in a wrangler...
  10. CaptainBanana

    Grampians and otways recommendations

    Hi all, I’m heading out to both the Grampians and the Otway’s for the first week of September. I’ve been looking through WikiCamps for accommodation that is suitable for a caravan and my dogs and it seems like there are quite a lot of options which actually makes it more difficult to choose...
  11. CaptainBanana

    Have you ever been to VCAT? Share what you know.

    So my never ending saga with Mitsubishi has now been lodged for VCAT, I'm awaiting the confirmation from them regarding the actual date but the guy on the phone said the first "meet" will likley be in about 3-4 weeks. He said due to the value of the claim it's likley to be a 3 part process...
  12. CaptainBanana

    New forum look.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the new mobile view! The colors are taking getting used to but it's great to have a phone friendly layout.
  13. CaptainBanana

    Mitsubishi customer service is amazing.

    Deleting this sucker as having the constant reminder and questioning of the authenticity of my claim even in light of all the supporting evidence is causing more stress than shaming those clowns is worth.
  14. CaptainBanana

    Tethered snatch strap testing.

    I haven't seen this posted here. So here's something I didn't even know existed - a tethered snatch strap. These guys test them to breaking point and find they're seemingly useless which is not so surprising but these videos do show just how much energy these things store and what could happen...
  15. CaptainBanana

    Heading to Walhalla 23/09/2018

    Hi all, A couple of us are off to Walhalla this Sunday looking at moderate to harder tracks. First 2 cars are tritons on 31s, rear locked, mild lift etc so don't feel you need a competition truck. What you will need is recovery gear and a safe way to attach it to your car (rated recovery...
  16. CaptainBanana

    Ocam roof rack

    I bought this 6 months ago and have used it since. It has no problems but of course the powder coat has marks and chips as it is used for work. I'm now moving to another ocam rack but going for a flat version. It's currently fitted to my triton but I'm selling this without the legs so you...
  17. CaptainBanana

    Sleeping bags for ice cold Victorian nights.

    I'm currently shopping for sleeping bags and am hoping for some input here. I've not owned one for a decade so I'm not sure if much is new or what to look for, I recall freezing in it even thought it was rated as a minus 5 bag from memory. I now own a caravan with heating and hot water and all...
  18. CaptainBanana

    Toolangi Queens Birthday weekend

    A freind of mine bought an MQ Triton Exceed a couple weeks ago after having driven mine and having liked it a lot. His garage is already full of all the bits to basically replicate my setup but as it is its stock with Bfg all terrains and a tjm rear bar and steps... We haven't had time to get to...
  19. CaptainBanana

    2017 Mitsubishi Triton Exceed Build.

    After all the Mitsubishi denials regarding its many faults last week the aircon packed in too and I had enough so I just traded this heap of shit, I already feel bad for it’s next owner but I’m wrapped I’ll never again have to stand inside a Mitsubishi dealership. For any prospective triton...
  20. CaptainBanana

    Club 4x4 insurance new excess

    So I've written twice to club 4x4 this fortnight to see if their policies were at all competitive with my current insurers but they didn't bother to respond or call back nor was I able go speak to a real person which was frustrating... Anyway I wake up today to an email from them which means my...