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  1. Jaye

    100 Series 1HD-FTE tourer

    For sale is the old boys tug. This immaculate 100 Series has spent it's life driving back and forth across this great national with a van on the back. Low k's, always serviced on time. Dad really looks after this beast . You simply won't find better unless it's never been driven. You could hook...
  2. Jaye

    What dual battery kit do you have in you V8 Cruiser?

    As the title asks, What dual battery kit do you have in you V8 Cruiser? Specifically the early, non ABS V8's? I have noticed a fey kits around, but not many and some with a few variations. The second battery often supplied dont have much reserve capacity and possibly not really suited...
  3. Jaye

    Destroying a national park

    Up my way we have a beautiful spot called Deepwater National Park. It has stunning beaches, good camp spots and rainforest meets the sea kinda bush. Large wetlands which filter all the runoff that flows into Deepwater Creek. The national park supports a huge ecosystem of rare and endangered...
  4. Jaye

    Hundred Series shocks

    After a set of standard Hundred Series shocks for the IFS model if anyone has any?
  5. Jaye

    need parts picked up Melbourne to O'Tooles

    Can anyone pick up a full axle assembly from suziworld in Nt Melbourne and bring to O'Tooles? I broke an axle halfway up billygoats and am getting towed to flat ground by the NSW group. Not much reception but my number is 0415248805. If anyone can help let me know if not we gotta send one of...
  6. Jaye

    Eleven 11

    I was cruising' home from work today and looked down to make sure I was sticking to "my ideal RPM" and noticed all the dials on my instalment cluster pointing pretty much straight up or even a "mirror image" of each other. Reminded me of looking at a digital clock and seeing 11:11. And yeah...
  7. Jaye

    Surfboy's Monkey Gum swag trip

    I though I would kick things off with a bit of a trip report. I travelled down Saturday morning after a couple of hours at work. By the time I got to Berry it was bucketing down to the point a few vehicles had pulled over to lack of visability. Got me thinking it's gunna be an interesting...
  8. Jaye

    Four States and one Territory

    Four States and one Territory - Now with pics So I'm back from my trip. I got back to Sydney last weekend after 21 days on the road, 8000km, four states and one territory. Man it was one hell of a trip. We had an absolute blast and I would do it all again tomorrow if I could, it was that good...
  9. Jaye

    Knock Knock

    Hi !!! My name is Jaye, been having a bit of a look and thought I would join up. I bought a Suzuki Jimny a month ago for a bit of fun and a daily. Its a nice tidy '09 model with 23000km on it. Thought she was stock other than the wheels till I had a look under her last week (cleaning) and...