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    4wd day trips from Sydney?

    Hi guys With a young family (and mates with young families) in Sydney, we’re looking to do some 4wd tracks with bit of challenge (i mean just a dirt road doesn’t count), on a day-trip basis (i know a few good options already for weekend trips). So i mean max 2h drive from Sydney, and then the...
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    Lower control arms issue - can i still 4wd?

    Hi guys My Disco3 needs its front lower control arms serviced, does a bit of that « clac » noise when i leave the driveway (no noise on bitumen). They’re getting replaced on wednesday, but in was really keen to get some 4wdriving on a track tomorrow/sunday with family. Honestly this issue has...
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    shipping car & equipment interstate?

    hi there, I am going to invest on a 4WD, fully kit it to my needs, this will be my camping & scuba-diving travel house. With it, i am going to have heaps of fun all-around NSW (i am based in Sydney). I also want to explore one day Cape York, Kakadu, Kimberleys, Western Australia, etc... but take...
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    My 4wd project: which ute under 18 000 $?

    hi there, I am starting to plan for my next 4WD, looking to buy sometimes around April 2020. What i want is LOADS of space, still a vehicle that is able to go offroad pretty well, and sits comfortably 4 people (knowing the middle rear seat will be a bit of a pain), so i am set to get a...
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    Learning 4wd

    Hey guys, Got into 4WDriving in 2018, when buying an old Disco3 petrol just to taste... loved it, and now i want to explore this beautiful country of ours so keen to talk and learn on this forum. cheers Nicolas