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  1. Harden Crew

    Jeep Diff

    Hi all, Have just acquired a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee from my mother. It has a crook front diff and the front drive shaft has been removed so it can be driven. My question is how do I tell what diff is in the front and has anyone got any ideas on a good place to get another one. Thanks...
  2. Harden Crew

    Jindabyne Area

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on some medium tracks around Jindabyne, a small group of us are going this weekend and were looking for a couple of tracks to drive for a couple of hours. Thanks Greg
  3. Harden Crew

    98 Jeep front diff

    After some information if possible please, my mum and step father have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and have a problem with the front diff. They have been quoted about $1800 to have it re built, my question is as they do not use it for four wheel driving are they just able to remove the...
  4. Harden Crew

    Stolen 60 series from Mernda

    For anyone in the Mernda area my son had his 60 series cruiser stolen Saturday night. He is an interstate truck driver and had left his sixty at the rear of the Mernda Pub earlier in the week whilst he was doing his trip, he has left his truck there on weekends and vehicle there before with no...
  5. Harden Crew

    W Maxxis 275/70/16 Bighorn

    About 12 mths ago I purchased a set of 275/70/16 Maxxis Bighorns, on trying to purchase a further one I have been told they do not make that size any longer, I do not want to buy another full set of tyres at this stage so if anyone knows of one I would love to know about it, at this stage I do...
  6. Harden Crew

    Hi All

    I have just joined and thought I would say hi. I currently own a NM Pajero 2" lift Muddies and a few bits and pieces inside and next is the winch bar, have the winch from last vehicle. My partner and I love four wheel driving and have been doing it for many years and also love camping so hope...