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    new ranger problems?

    hi any known problems with the new ranger? cheers brett
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    new grand cherokee any problems

    hi with the new grand cherokee is there any problems to look out for? cheers mav
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    Changing engine RD28 to TD42 - RTA paperwork

    gu conversion parts hi, i am considering a rd28 to td42 conversion on my gu i have a td42 and gu gearbox to suit and idea or if someone can supply a list of needed other parts? cheers mav
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    is this true about prado engines

    valve clearances hi all , with the prado 1kd d4d valve clearance the whole bucket has to be replaced? not just a shim? how expensive are these buckets to buy? cheers mav
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    prado injectors

    hi all how often and what are the indicators that 1kd ftv d4d injectors need replacing? cheers mav