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  1. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus

    We unfortunately had that problem with my Grandmother, with the added fun that she had a strain that is termed paranoid dementia. She was certain that Grandad was withdrawing money from the bank account to pay for call girls.... Add in the problem that she'd decided not to tell anyone that...
  2. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus

    IIRC you're in the at risk bracket, so it was probably for the best for you as well as the areas on your way.
  3. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus 1) The authors declare no affiliation with the NIH 2) The NIH is part of the American National Library of Medicine, and tries to put research out into the public domain instead of behind a paywall BUT: 3) The publisher withdrew it from the NIH - ie...
  4. Paddler Ed

    What should I be looking at when I inspect a used 4x4?

    80 Series Land Cruiser prices in VIC have gone up a decent lump as more and more of them are over 25 years old, so eligible for club rego. If it's had LPG, that would be one of the reasons why the engine has been redone. However, re-fitting LPG is probably not worth doing now - but cost it out...
  5. Paddler Ed

    Another death on Fraser

    I'd guess a Working Holiday visa holder who arrived before lock down - they're allowed upto 2 years, and for many of them, Australia is safer than their home country.
  6. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus

    Government borrows money based on Bonds - quite often, because they have AAA credit ratings IIRC, they get very low interest rates because there is little risk of default - however, bonds because of that are considered to be "good" and so a lot of Super funds have a chunk of their risk portfolio...
  7. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus

    Just spoke to my parents in the UK today. They've both been to their nearest town (not the big one up the road, but the decent size one down the road) for the first time since they were visiting here in Mid-March. Both masked up, but low numbers of others with masks on (likewise, my brother...
  8. Paddler Ed

    VIC 4WD Access Only Camping

    The problem is this thing called "Google" that is very good at searching this thing called the "internet" If you put up a really cool (d!ckhead free) place, then it can be found after a few clicks quite often, especially on a reliable forum like this which would rank high on their results. I...
  9. Paddler Ed

    Complete Campsite liquidation

    Grey Nomads are dying off, or at least the Baby Boomer era ones who have the ability to liquidise their house for a motza and then spend it travelling around Aus. Everyone else is going to be watching their money. The other problem is actually building a product that doesn't need repeat...
  10. Paddler Ed

    Land Rover defender vs Ineos Grenadier New 4WDs for Australia

    Yep, it'll survive in Europe/UK as a commercial vehicle as it takes it out of their whole sales emissions numbers. Also, by being classed as a commercial it'll save about £150-200 in rego in the UK as it's not that great on fuel: 1st year = £540 2nd year = £150 (which is better than the rules...
  11. Paddler Ed

    TJM HunterValley - appalling service and incompetent fitters

    Ever wonder how you get to a "My Hilux/LandCruiser/Patrol etc has $25,000 of accessories fitted, so it's worth $100k" situation? Yep, that's how... If ordered before delivery I think it can all go on the tax invoice so it can be written down by the accountant at tax time, or it can be bundled...
  12. Paddler Ed

    New Defender, observations and opinions of the available information !

    You can't find it on the BigW website, you need to use the set number:
  13. Paddler Ed

    Headlight Upgrade - Older Vehicle

    Check what the voltage is at the bulb, I still need to sort out the wiring in the old ute, but I had a decent voltage drop. Fixing that on the HJ45 involved cleaning the switch up (+1volt) and fixing some of the wiring nightmare (+1volt) - that put me at 12V.... I've still got the bits to...
  14. Paddler Ed

    HJ 60 indicator lens seals
  15. Paddler Ed

    HJ 60 indicator lens seals

    81512-90A00 is the Toyota part number you're looking for, so it will be a seperate item to the indicator unit. Try Amayama and look up the part number there, or go to Toyota and ask if they have it as a stock line still (you never know)
  16. Paddler Ed

    Forum been hacked

    Try and the way back machine... it's great for finding old companies that don't exist any longer.
  17. Paddler Ed

    Roadside Assistance - Insurance verses RACV, RAA, RACQ etc

    That was my experience a few years ago - Youi had 40km towing, whereas NRMA was back to the nearest depot if more than x km... so I've stuck with NRMA...
  18. Paddler Ed

    Anderson connection, crimper ?

    The creme brulee torch from the kitchen and then flood solder it.... Or, buy a brulee torch from the kitchen shop, bump into a friend who was a previously a chef who was not surprised I was doing that as her chef's blow torch had long ago disappeared into the farm shed for this sort of exercise...
  19. Paddler Ed

    How much would you pay for a Hilux 167 SR5 1998 Petrol ?

    The 167 is a 3.4 V6 isn't it (VZN167), rather than the RZN169 which is the 2.7 petrol. The 5VZ-FE isn't a bad lump, it was also used in the Prado (a more common application), it'll be a bit thirsty compared to a diesel, but the entry price is cheaper and the cost of repairs (no expensive diesel...
  20. Paddler Ed

    Corona virus

    My folks are in the UK, and live on the edge of a decent walking area. Normally it's a quiet area, and only a few walkers a day pass through, even in the busy times. At the moment they don't want to leave the house because there are so many out of the area people coming to enjoy the lifting of...