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    Merry Christmas to all Earthers

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everybody from David and Libby.
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    Proposed trip to Coffs Harbour 2020

    I was wondering when the best time to go to Coffs Harbour to do the hard tracks with a group of old Suzukis .We have done Cape Yourk and most of the hard tracks in Tassie and plan to go to the Barrington tops then to Coffs for some fun we will make a film of the trip and I will write an article...
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    Trip up to the Barrington tops and Coffs Harbour in old Suzukis.

    We are planning a trip to Barrington Tops and Coffs Harbour then to Cape Byron next year to make the next Suzuki film, we have been to the Cape and Cockle Bay in Tassie as far north and South as you can go in a 4WD now it is East.We are looking for some advice as to the best time to go there and...
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    some of my rides

    I enjoy rertoring old suzukis The grey one is the latest project fitting a 1.3 litre with 5 speed box to make it better on
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    Show us yours and i will show you mine (workshop or shed.)

    I am spoilt I have 5 sheds this one is my main workshop.
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    Grilled Venison backstrap.

    Cooked this for tea last night beautiful and tender salted it heavily left it in fridge for 12 hours washed the salt off in clean water dried then cooked on lump charcoal sear first then moved off to finish cooking let rest for 15 min wrapped on Ally foil.
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    Wise words.

    FIVE BEST SENTENCES 1 You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. 2 What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. 3 The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not...
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    Heading to lake Purrambeet for a few days.

    I was wondering if any members have fished lake Purrambeet near Camperdown. I havent had a good feed of Redfin for years there are not many in Gippsland. They were our main fish catch when I lived in the Grampians.Great to eat and fun to catch.
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    Cooking with lump charcoal

    I thought I would try some lump charcoal from Bunnings it is real charcoal in big pieces cooked my first thick cut Porterhouse last night I used mostly charcoal but some small pieces of old Redgum, great result as per pic Redgum adds taste. Dessert it is easy to cook too.
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    My other cars if you have any post your pics.

    One of my current projects My usual bush truck A future project. A present nearly finished project These are lots of fun they were restored a while ago.
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    Snow Pictures Moscow Villa And Others.

    My Wifes snow dog being really brave.
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    Spectacular storm in West Victoria

    These were taken of a summer storm a long time ago on a $7 Instamatic (Thats all I had in those days) camera it came in just on sunset on a Summer evening.All taken within about half an hour.
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    Beautiful old trees

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    Old machinery in the bush.

    I love exploring old mine sites and old junk it sometimes is hard to know what it was used for.
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    Wonderful old pubs in the outback some abandoned.also some sculptures

    It is great to see the small towns fighting back with things such as sculptures to attract visitors to their towns, some towns are almost deserted.
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    Does anybody know where to get good barby charcoal.

    I have been looking for a good charcoal supplier, I was told by the cook at the Ball and Chain Restraunt in Hobart that there is a supplier in or near Ouyen but i have had no luck finding him.I would appreciate any advice on finding good Aussie charcoal . Thanks in anticipation Fuzzychops.
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    Sequal To SUZUKIS To The Cape.SUZIES To The South.

    SUZUKIS TO TASMANIA 2018 – (SEQUAL TO CAPE YORK 2017) After a successful trip to the Northern tip of Australia in 2017, the Bairnsdale crew decided to travel to the Southern most accessible tip, near Cockle Bay in Tasmania. The group consisted of David and Libby driving their forty year old...