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    Nissan X-trail Ti 2003

    Nissan X-trail Ti, 2003 Good Points Great family car Fun little 4WD Bad Points Heavy on fuel when towing my camper trailer Can us oil Low ground clearance Very low hanging rear muffler What mods have you done? 2 inch strut spacer kit for lift 225/70R16 BFG...
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    Long weekend in the Watagans

    Had a great long weekend in the Watagans in the mud .with Dave Peek and Ian Ewin from the Nissan X-trail Forum .I was shown a really nice camping spot. Very muddy track to get there lots of fun
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    Weekend at Watagans

    Had a great weekend at the Watagans forest with Dave peek and Ian Ewin . Lots of fun playing in the mud
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    Hi Matty from Doyalson

    Hi all my name is Mat I live on the coast and love to go bush and camp with my family. I drive a modified Nissan Xtrail with 2 inch lift and BFG A/T tyres 1 inch over size .