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  1. RBJET

    250W solar panel only producing 60W??

    I noted my 150W ebay panel generally only puts out around 1-2A as the battery is always full. If I've sucked a bit of power with having the lights on all night or the fridge cycling, only then will I see input amps go up to around 6-8A. EDIT- After reading that article I calculated that my...
  2. RBJET

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    I don't know all that much about the petrol's too be honest but I think I'd pick one for reliability over a diesel. I'd probably just take a look at them and make a decision by how clean they are. Obviously I'd stay away from one with 500,000km on it. The lower the better but if there is one...
  3. RBJET

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    Having gone through this process a few years ago, I settled on the 150, purely for the fact it was a nicer more modern car. The 150 is roomier by the way. The main benefits of the 120 are price, bigger fuel tank, removable rear seats & less electronics. The 150 is roomier, more modern, far...
  4. RBJET

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    I would 100% go the petrol with what you've mentioned. Cheaper purchase price & cheaper maintenance far out way the economy of the diesel. + more power.
  5. RBJET

    Trading Jeep for Ford Bronco? Would you?

    Imagine how much easier it would have been in a Bronco
  6. RBJET

    My MPPT battery box

    I dunno about that. I used to have a 60W panel on my roof that ran my fridge 24/7. I now run a 150W panel and never see the battery drop below 12.7V. I went on holidays for 3 weeks with the car left in the driveway, fridge running and the battery still at 13V when I got home. The fridge has been...
  7. RBJET

    Suggestions ... rebuilt 1HZ or 1HD-T

    A mate of mine has gone through the same process over the last 2 years although he has just sold the 1HD-T to drop an LS in the cruiser. It started life as an NA 1HZ, then went turbo and front mount cooler which made it driveable. As he was chasing more power he pulled that out for a 1HD, which...
  8. RBJET

    CTEK solar

    I Know, but the CTEK doesn't seem to think that. So it never sends charge to the main battery. If I put my 240V charger on it, it will, but not from solar. At least I know it's not the way my system is installed and probably just a design flaw.
  9. RBJET

    CTEK solar

    No smart pass for me. The battery always sits above 13V unless everything is on but doesn't ever seem to revert power up front. (This is with a 150W panel mounted on the canopy wired direct to the CTEK). The panel will put out 6A+ in good conditions and if the battery is being drained.
  10. RBJET

    CTEK solar

    I find my CTEK always seems to float too. It's annoying as it means the solar will never charge my main battery. My fridge is on 24/7 and will eventually cycle causing the charge profile to start again, meaning the battery never ends up at 100%.
  11. RBJET

    Any compressor recommendations please?

    I'm with Alby, ARB if you can justify the price or Kings if you can't.
  12. RBJET

    What's your approach to camping? Minimalist or not?

    I run a wood heater too. Can't say I've ever been to bed at 6pm whilst camping though. Too many beers to be drunk.
  13. RBJET

    What's your approach to camping? Minimalist or not?

    What do you do at night without a fire? I generally avoid places that don't allow fires because I can't think of anything better.
  14. RBJET

    Ute Chop

    A ute chop will probably set you back more than the car is worth unless you can do it yourself. I'd chuck an LS in it before a TD42.
  15. RBJET

    Cable size

    There are a few charts online you can use if you know how many amps your equipment will draw. You shouldn't need anything too big for a radio and cig socket. It might be worth running something a little bigger than required, just in case you want to add accessories to it in the future.
  16. RBJET

    Rolling 2 nighter in the high country - food suggestions

    How good are vac sealers. Makes storing things in your fridge on trips so much easier. Meat also lasts longer and doesn't leak everywhere.
  17. RBJET

    No wonder tracks get closed to everyone

    No offence mate but have you driven cockpit track? When it's wet you can barely keep the car in a straight line coming down hill. I don't think lower gears are going to help driving up it.
  18. RBJET

    No wonder tracks get closed to everyone

    It's also my favorite track in Toolangi but only when it's wet. It's quite bland in the dry. I understand driving in that manner doesn't do wonders for the track but there isn't many more options for getting up without winching all day.
  19. RBJET

    What is the perfect touring tent without roof transporting?

    +1 for the Coleman Instant Up. I haven't used mine for a few years do to being in a swag but think I'm going to go back to it for the next trip with the mrs. Sets up in minutes and very spacious.
  20. RBJET

    200 cruiser weaknesses

    The filters for my BT50 come with rubber grease which seems to work well, not that rangers or BT50's really have dusting issues but it is nice to have that extra piece of mind.