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  1. Paddler Ed

    Dog box inspiration

    I need some inspiration for a dog box for the ute... our kelpie x collie is quite happy there, but she walks some k's on it. In the wagon, she's fine... To the extent that if you're working on the ute or near it, she wants to help and be near... I already have a 950mm x 600mm tool box...
  2. Paddler Ed

    New Anorak launches in September with a V6

    Just seen this on Autocar in the UK; they're launching a 3.0 V6 in September (UK launch) but no idea on Australia.
  3. Paddler Ed

    Farewell to the Land Rover Defender (Deafener?)

    Today the last Defender will be produced in the UK; there's some good retrospectives on the Autocar website back in the UK: -Saying Goodbye to the Defender -Calcutta to Calais -The most extreme Defenders (or Series Landies) If you've enjoyed those, have a look at the Dunsfold collection as...
  4. Paddler Ed

    That old chesnut again... what AT tyres?

    Right, it's been bone dry the last two and a bit years, so my muddies that I bought have had begger all use, so I'm going to do the ultimate rain dance and change to AT's; this also reflects the trails that we have around here, and the driving we're doing. I'm going to go with 31x10.5R15's...
  5. Paddler Ed

    Planning my own camper; constructive comments please!

    So, after a bit of thought (and a lot of observations - I work part time at a caravan park) I've decided to look at building my own camper trailer. I went off looking at camper trailers after deciding that a RTT was too much hassle (the 4Runner doesn't really have a roof that is suitable) and...
  6. Paddler Ed

    Dumb idiots.

    Anyone able to shed light on this, please let the relevant authorities know. I have great memories of staying there and the wife waking up in the morning complaining her swag kept moving... upon closer inspection the wombats had decided it was a good scratching post...
  7. Paddler Ed

    Recall Notices (ACCC issued)

    I thought that collecting all the ACCC Issued recall notices in one place may be useful, as they seem to pop up for all sorts of bits and pieces. Following on from the ACCC recall notice that has been discussed in the Snatch Strap thread, I've also noticed that ARK have issued a recall for some...
  8. Paddler Ed

    Keep an eye out for these guys!

    Just read this on the ABC website:
  9. Paddler Ed

    New Swag suggestions/experiences

    Right... I'm hunting for a new swag; there's a couple of things I want it to do/be: -Australian made... I have an overseas made one, and it has some annoying design flaws (which some of the ones in a similar style have avoided) Ideally would like Aussie canvas as well. Imports are all going...
  10. Paddler Ed

    Mounting an antenna for UHF

    I'm going to be using the mount on the front bar, but the FiL (Ham radio bod) says that I need to make sure I have a good earth for it, and to remove the powder coating around the mounting hole; this does seem to make sense, however, as I'm fitting a Uniden AT870, does that still require there...
  11. Paddler Ed

    Who fancies one of these?

    Seen this over on Autocar in the UK, and wondered who else would fancy it?
  12. Paddler Ed

    Driving lights: Sub $350ish. Recommendations/comments

    OK, so we (wife) have decided that the 4Runner needs more money spending on it (just had the head gaksets done, new exhaust and rego!) and we're looking at a set of driving lights. I'm sticking with halogen due to not wanting to spend 1/2 the value of the car on a set of HID's, and I'm not a fan...
  13. Paddler Ed

    Info for those heading out pigging or out to pigging areas

    I wasn't 100% sure where to post this, and decided that on reflection that the general forum was the most appropriate. As some people here may be aware from some of my other posts in the feral cat thread I have an interest in feral animals, and I spotted this article in my readings the other...
  14. Paddler Ed

    Interesting offering from Memory Map in the UK

    As my Memory Map actually is to do with my UK maps, as opposed to my Australian ones, I get regular emails of their latest offerings, and this one popped up this morning and I thought it might be of interest to a fee others. They've launched their "own" android powered phone that will work as...
  15. Paddler Ed

    Wanted (NSW) 4Runner 3VZ Headers/Extractors

    Does anyone have a set of extractors (and ideally an exhaust) for the 3VZE 4Runner between Tamworth and Yass? I'm after the Hurricane type, which doesn't follow the original route of the stock headers. If so, I can sort out picking them up tomorrow (Monday 9th June)...
  16. Paddler Ed

    VIC Fire Protection Regulations Consultation period

    This has appeared on my radar via work, and thought it might be of interest for some of the guys in VIC. The closing date for submissions is the 29th, so not long left. DEPI - Forests (fire protection) regulations review
  17. Paddler Ed

    Recovery Gear (again...)

    This seems to pop up every so often, and having done a quick search on it and read through I'm not sure the answer is there. I've just picked up a TJM OX hand winch for $120 brand new, as I don't have any form of winch at the moment on my 4Runner. As a result of that I now need to buy some...
  18. Paddler Ed

    Is there a place for 4x4ers to become part of the Green Party/Environmentalists?

    Splitting from the Roothy discussion, I've just read an article online by a Canadian who describes their family as Rednecks, and how they've embraced environmental awareness as a need to protect their way of life. So these were the comments in the Roothy discussion: and here's the...
  19. Paddler Ed

    Useful Resource

    Was doing something at work, and found this website that I thought others might like: SIX Maps Will only work with an internet connection, and does (sort of) work on a 7" tablet and 3ish" mobile display. Basically switchable views of NSW from Aerial images, to NSW street directory and...
  20. Paddler Ed

    HF Radio

    Father in Law is wanting to bring a HF radio out to a mate in NZ, from Scotland via Australia. Anyone know the legality of bringing it through to New Zealand? Obviously it's a used product, as he's used it in Scotland (and has a HF licence) I know that there is a bit of a grey area with...