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  1. Zob

    Mount Hotham and few high country tracks

    24-06-2020 to 26-06-2020 I completed a Solo short trip to victoria. Covered Mount Hotham, Mt terrible, poletti track, Camped at Mansfield State forest next to river.
  2. Zob

    Lithgow 2-06-2020

    Short trip to lithgow
  3. Zob

    Hema hx-1 vs Vms

    looking to buy off road navigation but confused, Hema is $550 and VMS touring from 4wd supa centre is $300 Any big difference in both of them?
  4. Zob

    Battery draining

    Good evening fellas, since I installed a quite few accessories e.g( winch, spotties, Uhf, Bluetooth) on my ride but haven’t installed twin battery setup and not driving car per fortnight sometimes, but the battery has drained 2 times and have to jump start. Is this because of load on the...
  5. Zob

    Barrington tops 13-14 mar 20

    Hi All, just thinking to do a short trip to Barrington tops as its only few hours drive from sydney never been there before will camp friday night and back home on sat before sun sat. Is it possible to cover A few parts of Barrington in a short trip? Please advise or anyone wanna join.
  6. Zob

    Merry Christmas

  7. Zob

    Stockton Beach

    I played a bit on the waves and dune at stockton.
  8. Zob

    Surfers Paradise

    Morning at surfers paradise
  9. Zob

    Newnes State Forest

    Hey guys we had a good time today at newnes state forest.
  10. Zob

    Lake Lyell

    Stunning Lake Lyell
  11. Zob

    Redhead beach.

    Recent trip to redhead beach and overnight camping.
  12. Zob

    Kosciuszko National Park

    Touring at Kosciuszko this morning.
  13. Zob

    Beautiful wild horse at Monkerai

    Yesterday evening
  14. Zob

    Sunday 25/08/19

    Anyone available to show me some tracks, I am free on Sunday, i am from sydney
  15. Zob

    Lithgow 23/08/19

    Anyone available want to play on some tracks at Lithgow tomorrow
  16. Zob

    Green break road Watagans

    Was looking for some challenging tracks all alone and end up on Watagans green break road. Was underestimating my abilities and car with air suspension but did it all obstacles pretty well, To complete this track took me an hour and half was real surprised myself, yes i did it and end up on pine...
  17. Zob

    Monsta tyres

    Just need some information if any one knows abt monsta tyres, Are they worth buying? 285/60/r18 $1000 with fittings and balancing. Need to replace this week
  18. Zob

    Ebay electric winch

    Does anyone have information about ebay electric winch 12000lbs is it worth only $350 thinking about buying it Its called xbull electric winch
  19. Zob

    Freeman’s waterhole

    Yesterday made my first trip alone with my 1 year old son. We went freeman’s waterhole gap Road. Due to recent rain the track was full of mud, Slippery, I was bit nervous but we made it about an hour and half.
  20. Zob

    Sunday out

    Hi, Looking for anyone going for some off road tracks this sunday out of Sydney? I am happy to join.