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    hi guys and girls can you tell me what temp should i be at when towing and when not i have a 100 series 2UZ.
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    1HZ are they slow/bad

    hi all i am looking for a 100 series petrol landcruiser 2uz but i am not sure if maybe i should be looking at a 1hz, are they as bad as what people are saying when it comes to towing as a stock car mainly for the fuel consumption i am not worried about going fast so its more about being reliable.
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    some thought and advice.

    hi guys new to the 4wd forum group and never done any 4wd yet. i have a 2010 150 (1kd-fe) prado with 160ks onthe clock. have had for about 2years now, and i have changed the turbo and injectors already , and timing belt has been done. i was lucky that it was under warranty for the turbo if not...