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  1. Belfy82

    Toyota parts catalogue 2020.

    Thought I'd post the latest Toyota parts catalogue for anyone that's interested. You can search your vehicle by entering the frame number, to determine your frame number U use the model code followed by the last 7 digits of your VIN. So for example a 76 series LandCruiser model is VDJ76 so...
  2. Belfy82

    STATE eg VIC - Item make & model

    Vic, Colorado winch bar Item Detail - used ironman winch bar to suit 2012- on Holden Colorado good condition all bash plates and bolts included but needs indercators/ Parker lights Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (If Applicable) Engine Number - (if applicable) Condition - Price -$500...
  3. Belfy82

    Battery inquirey

    Hi guys, I need to change my second battery as the 85ah that is installed has given up on me, So far the only thing that runs off the battery is the fridge but I'm assuming battery died from getting run down too often, I'm currently traveling Aus and set up in an area for on average a 2...
  4. Belfy82

    Does anyone know where to buy new tirfor winches from?

    I am thinking of getting a new tirfor hand winch but can work out who sells them can someone point me in the right direction? Did a quick net search and can't find a dealer. Cheers
  5. Belfy82

    Hi lift jack size recommendation

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting myself a hilift jack and want to get your thoughts on what size jack I should get I have a 76 series cruiser and am eventually going to lift it 3 to 4" and run 33 to 35 inch tyres Do you think a 48" would cut it or should I stick to the 60" I have been...
  6. Belfy82

    Help with crank sensor wiring please

    Hi guys, I am just wondering if anyone with a 70 series can help me with a problem that I have, I was out on the tracks yesterday and had to reverse back and a stick has ended up tearing the crank sensor wiring out of the plug as well as going straight through the radiator and the turbo...
  7. Belfy82

    Rear wheel bearing change on a 76 series cruiser

    Hi guys, I need to do my rear wheel bearings on my 76 series, What is the process of doing this? Also are any special tools required for doing this job, or will I require rear diff oil to do this job. I am currently traveling and have basic tool set with me, sockets screwdrivers...
  8. Belfy82

    Aerial storage

    Just wondering what people do with thier larger aerials whist travelling? I want to get a gme ae4706 2100mm aerial for when I'm traveling open areas, the only problem with this is they are just too big to leave on there so what do you guys do with them when not in use and your on the road...
  9. Belfy82

    We won!!! Coleman competition.

    Well I have good news, The misses entered a Coleman comp with a night away at ballarine, all gear supplied by Coleman for the stay. Coleman tent, camp chairs, hot water on demand unit, gas stove, and much more. Turns out she won the thing lol, so it's ballarine here we come. 59 other...
  10. Belfy82

    Fire extinguisher help.

    Can anyone that carries fire extinguishers or has had to use one in a real world situation:eek: tell me how much would be recommended to carry, Are the 1kg extinguishers sufficient or should you carry 2kg with you:confused: I don't want to carry 2 extinguishers if 1 will do the job but I...
  11. Belfy82

    What brand oil do you use in your 4x4

    Am getting ready to do my gear box, transfer case and diff oils, Was looking at Penrite oil and am going to have a look at what shell has to offer this week also, but this got me thinking I might try a poll out on this one. Going to add the major brands that I can think of (Penrite, Shell...
  12. Belfy82

    Diff information and oil grade info and recommendations

    Hi guys, I have been looking into changing my diff and gear oils today, I have a few questions regarding the diffs and a few other things, First of all looking at the penrite oil chart there is a differential list and a 4wd differential list that are both under the 70 series V8...
  13. Belfy82

    Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series 2008

    Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series, 2008 Good Points 1VD V8 turbo diesel. Loads of torque. Mostly tested by time. One tuff looking rig. It's a Landcruiser. Bad Points The price tag. Only come with a single tank option. It's going to make sure I remain broke for a long time...
  14. Belfy82

    Dual aerials?

    Hi guys, I have a question about dual aerials, recently I have noticed a lot of vehicles running dual aerials. As I'm currently installing a uhf (which is probably why I've noticed these set ups) and got to thinking are these being run to a single uhf radio with a splitter or dual radios...
  15. Belfy82

    A 4wd Workshop in Fankston

    Hi Guys, I am writing this to inform everyone of my recent dealings with a 4wd workshop based in frankston. I have just bought a new bullbar for my cruiser (ironman commercial winch bar), I found a bar that was on their ebay store a ---------- who is a ebay power seller, this bar was...
  16. Belfy82

    Has anyone used one of these hand winches?

    Hi, Just want to know if anyone has used this style of hand winch, 4TON Comealong Hand Winch 4x4 4WD Puller Farm Hand Tool | eBay Dirt cheap and if it works then would be a handy tool to throw on board for emergency recovery. (If it works that is) Don't want to falk out $400 buck for...
  17. Belfy82

    Advice on Trex 1200lbs winch or other cheap brand

    Hello, Has anyone here got a Trex winch, going cheap just wanted some advice as too their quality, if looked after properly (greased and sealed regularly) will it do the job when needed. Other winch I'm looking at is the tigerz11 for a fraction more which if looked after from what I've...
  18. Belfy82

    Fridge switch on dash or not?

    Hi All, I am running an Anderson plug to the back of my wagon for waeco fridge and was wondering whether to put a switch on dash for this or just turn fridge on/off when required? What kind of set ups are being run out there? Fridge is going to be staying in back permanently and will be in...
  19. Belfy82

    I've made it!

    Hi all, I have just signed up at last. Look forward to hitting the beaten track and putting the new beast (a 76 series cruiser) to the test. Hope to see you out there! Cheers, Shannon.