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  1. SomeCant

    Torque converters failing 16/17 models

    Starting to see alot of reports of torque converter failures on the 2016(my17) and 2017 models. If you have a shudder effect taking off from a stop, accelerating or towing you might have one that is dodgy. Reports i have read have been around 30,000km to 80,000 km on the odometer. If you do...
  2. SomeCant

    RG Auto Headlights

    someone asked about auto headlights on another forum and i am messing around with arduino to create a auto headlight module for the Colorado without it and I thought I will post the info here too. I will just repost my last 2 posts... I worked out the right light settings it worked well doing...
  3. SomeCant

    Mylink Dev Mode Help

    i am looking for someone that is computer savvy to help me recover some files lost to my memory stick stopping working. its just a copy of some of the files in the mylink, the exes for the apps etc nothing personal or vehicle specific. this requires you to enter the development mode on the...