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  1. cloughcarib

    Not new, Just saying hello for the first time in a while

    Hello I'm Clough. Haven't been on here for a while due to life's circumstances. We're in Bundaberg. Hoping (as always) to gain heaps of knowledge from other peoples experiences. We have a Pwardo with a couple of extras and, thanks to a few members on here, a very custom camper trailer. Hope to...
  2. cloughcarib

    A big rant to clear my thoughts

    As some may know, back in Feb we sold our house. 5 weeks before we put it on the market we decided to use the profits to fund a trip around Australia with our three children. The house went live on the internet on the Wed, first open home on the following Sat, offer received and papers signed...
  3. cloughcarib

    12-18 months around this stunning country. We leave in 3 weeks.

    We received a call from our conveyancer last night saying that the purchaser is happy with a 28 day settlement on the house. We're a week since they put a deposit on the house so that means we hit the road three weeks from today. PANIC STATIONS! Unfortunately, I can't find an emoticon for...
  4. cloughcarib

    Where's the most embarrassing place you've been bogged? Pictures?

    This afternoon, at work, I drove through a section of the quarry that was only cut last week. The surface has had no time to harden before all the rain we've just had and I stupidly drove straight through it. Without a doubt the most embarrassing bogged moment for me.
  5. cloughcarib

    NSW would like to swap my 5x275/70/17 muddies for 5x265/70/17 A/T

    Item Detail - I have a set of Maxxis Bighorn Muddies in 275/70/17 on 0mm offset rims, Toyota pattern, that I would like to swap for a set of 265/70/17 A/T's on -23mm offset(standard for Prado). The Bighorns have schmack loads of life in the tread although they are chipped from use. None...
  6. cloughcarib

    R.I.P. of a different sort

    When I was a kid my parents decided to buy a yacht ('82) and leave NZ to circumnavigate the globe ('84) They purchased an ex-GreenPeace boat and my Dad spent as much time as he had available to get her ready for the trip. I had planned on giving a blow by blow recount of the trip, but...
  7. cloughcarib

    Respect To All Truckies

    This has got to be a terrible time of year for you to be sitting in your 'office'. To be blunt, I'm sick of the lack of respect shown to truck drivers by the average car driver. If ever you see my black Prado, hail me on 40. If it's safe to do so, I'm happy to stop traffic for you. I know...
  8. cloughcarib

    Wow, this thing is cool.

    I can see how much this would be a virtue to anyone who is confined to a wheelchair. Allowing them to get into stuff they have never tried or get back to something they always loved. Sure, it's bulky, but at least it's better than being confined to smooth paths. Extreme Offroad Tracked...
  9. cloughcarib

    Volvo App. Very impressed

    I'm not sure if anyone on here other than myself and Rog are interested, but the app for the Volvo Ocean Race( formally the Whitbread) is the best sports app I've ever used. OK, my experience with sports apps is quite limited: F1, NRL, FIFA, but this one is incredible for following the...
  10. cloughcarib

    4 cars, Stunning weather and Gees Arm South trail

    After loading up all 3 kids and the dog, we hit the road at 7:30 for the 8 am meetup. I arrived at Nth Richmond BP to find surfboy, wang and hiluxdriver already waiting, quickly threw in a bit of fuel and we hit the road. 35mins had us turning off Comleroy Rd onto the start of Gees Arm, another...
  11. cloughcarib

    NSW: 4x worn BFG A/T, 1x as new Maxxis M/T. FREE

    Item Detail - BFG A/T KO 265/75 r 17 x4 quite worn but still legal. Maxxis Bravo 753 M/T as new. Condition -4x worn but still a bit of life to them. 1x as new Price -FREE Location -Western Sydney. Contact Details - Postage Details -These tyres will be coming off the rims in the...
  12. cloughcarib

    Long distance first aid kits? What do you carry?

    We are currently planning a long trip that will take us to some quite remote areas, and I'm curious as to what you would consider essential in a first aid kit? Our kit currently contains the following: General band aids. Triangular bandages. Wound gauze. Wound tape (paper...
  13. cloughcarib

    ALWAYS check your rig before you set off.

    Spent a lovely night camping on a fellow Earthers property with a couple of other Earth families last night. Had an amazingly fun afternoon/night/morning. Packed up the camper slowly this morning before following one of other families to their house for quick swim and then to head home...
  14. cloughcarib

    I found one for the Jeep haters

    Cheap Jeep vs High dollar crawler at TDS 2010: Cheap Jeep vs High dollar crawler at TDS 2010 - YouTube
  15. cloughcarib

    perfect advertising technique for instant sale. NOT

    Am doing research on the next stage of the camper upgrades, and ran across this ad which gave me a laugh.
  16. cloughcarib

    Roof pod? bag? thingy.

    Has anyone seen one of these before? How do they rate? I'm pretty keen for some occasional extra storage on the roof, but am loathe to put a perminant roof rack or pod on due to the lack of clearance This looks like it...
  17. cloughcarib


    Empty your mailbox. Tomorrow is good.
  18. cloughcarib

    Before mods and after, show us your pics.

    Do you have any before and after pics? Love to see them. When i bought my car it was stock and slowly I've built it up, but even though I see stock models around all the time, it's good to remind myself of what mine used to look like
  19. cloughcarib

    Glowworms, Lost City

    Had a bad start to the trip with us 15mins late, but arrived to find Gavo and Stuart had met and were having a chat so we made a beeline for the Zigzag car park for a brief stop and further conversation before driving the final stretch to the glow worm tunnel. The road conditions were good...
  20. cloughcarib

    Glow worms, Lost Cities and random meanders close to Sydney. Last minute notice

    The kids have asked to head up to the glow worm tunnel near(ish) Clarence Saturday so we're going to make a day of it and head out to the lost city and possibly some other tracks as well. Just wanted to take the opportunity to invite any people new to 4wding who would like to come along and...