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  1. riplock

    Ozi Explorer software question

    Usually ozi replies to emails in good time.. I have found them pretty good. If you have ozi maps that work on pc or the hema device .. these will work on androids if they are in ozf format. Important The ozi website for androids explains this very well.. if your files are not in ozf they can...
  2. riplock

    Irrisponsable acts of Vandalisium at Merringtons Campground

    We need to get together and Dob these people in... Contact the police.. save our bushland .. Some one has to know something... Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 4
  3. riplock

    Big river VIC

    Big River If you do two mile track you want a half decent lift.. One section drops off very hard.. Did it about six months ago.. starting to get overgrown when we went through.. The shortcut tracks were also well rutted when we went through.. The bigger lift the better.. We are going through...
  4. riplock

    Fines imposed

    Wheres the Like Button.. Good to hear something is being done.. Maybe the fines could help cover the cost of damage done to our parks..
  5. riplock

    neerim south or warby?

    I think some are misunderstanding what mike had to say.. He described them below as. I'm the sort of bloke who is fed up and sick to death with prats in 4WDs with oversized wheels tearing up tracks and making deep bogholes. Blah blah..... He spoke of these Prats..pretty clear description i...
  6. riplock

    Androzic - Idiots Guide?

    Jo uses not rocket science..its a great operating system.. I understand why he likes it..and hes not in another universe he just knows something the rest of you don't .. just a different perspective that windows people struggle with.. I love mint.. jo understands.. :-) Sent from my...
  7. riplock

    neerim south or warby?

    Seriously you all need to think about Mikes comments 4x4 in the parks is a privilege not a rite. Tho it should be. Think about why they are shutting up the gates.. It not because we are doing the right thing. And its not all the Greens.. We could be the last generation to enjoy our wilderness...
  8. riplock

    Aldi 4WD Gear

    I did the Aldi thing..went got a couple of the led lights. Great value.. the place was humming.. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 4
  9. riplock

    I bought a Jeep!!!!

    What he bought a Jeep? Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  10. riplock

    Budget mud Tyres

    Ive seen a lot of feedback with federals on jeeps..not sure what there like on other vehicles tho.. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  11. riplock

    What GPS to Buy

    Go android and use memory maps... and or oziexplorer.. and or Hema maps.. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  12. riplock

    Dangerous Holden Colorado Ad

    People are going to continue to kill themselves doing dangerous recoveries weather this ad airs or not.. you can't stop stupid.. By changing this ad is not going to stop it from happening.. Want to make a real difference try helping the 100s of thousands of inocent people being killed every...
  13. riplock

    Which Winch? I know another winch post.

    Thanks for that info Im in the process of getting a winch so this was valuable to me, specially the waterproof weatherproof options..I would of thought they were all waterproof? How can we see the difference when looking at them. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  14. riplock

    Dangerous Holden Colorado Ad

    My thoughts x2 Very good comments Tomdownunder.. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  15. riplock

    Where did you hear about 4X4 Earth?

    Saw an Earth sticker on the back of car... thought I gotta check that out. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  16. riplock

    I am looking for a "Offroad GPS

    Buy a tablet and put memory maps on it if your serious about a could also run ozi on it if you want.. You also get the benifits of the tablet.. even make post on Earth with the Tapatalk 2 app.. Check out the memory maps web site and quality of the maps, then make a decision Sent...
  17. riplock

    Dangerous Drives on Ch1

    Which one got stuck on the rock?? Don't think it was the jeeps. I like the way they start their fires..with a blow tourch..:) Classic.. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  18. riplock

    22/04/2012 - Bunyip Trip Report

    Good report.. the slippery bits like a rollercoaster ride... looks like fun and close to home... Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk 2
  19. riplock

    Who's on Facebook?

    Me too Steve Burgoyne:D
  20. riplock

    Don't do this when you install your winch

    Good lesson, most helpful post. Im sure others that read this might be aware of what would happen, but Im sure a few others also learn from this experience. Gives me something to think about when I fit my winch. Thanks. Sent from my MZ604 using Tapatalk