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  1. jeep65

    Happy Birthday

    thanks mate it's good when we get out on those tracks we have fun
  2. jeep65

    KJ Jeep Cherokee

    i have a v6 kj. good set up the kj is heeps of grunt good around town and off road.
  3. jeep65

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    i all so got the flu and 1st day of holldays hopfuly i'm better by wensday that's when we are going away..
  4. jeep65

    Sydney Newbie

    hello an welcome.
  5. jeep65

    xj noob

    hello an welcome
  6. jeep65


    hello andrew and welcome.
  7. jeep65

    hi from Melton vic

    hello an welcome to aother jeepster.
  8. jeep65

    Gday - just joined

    Wow another jeep driver!!!! Hello an welcome too.
  9. jeep65


    Hello an wellcome.
  10. jeep65

    New Member from South Morang Vic

    Hello an wellcome. You must have some very good storys to share around the camp fire.
  11. jeep65


    Hello an welcome. Good to see aother jeep driver well a soon to be jeep driver:D good luck..
  12. jeep65

    All done,Thanks GOR

    Good set up like it..
  13. jeep65


    Hello an welcome too..
  14. jeep65


    Hello an welcome russ55...
  15. jeep65

    Bellthorpe-OCR-Old Yarraman Rd Trip

    What a good weekend you had. Good story and pics.
  16. jeep65

    Kroombit Tops Weekender

    Good pics Em worth the wait.
  17. jeep65

    What 4wd do you drive?

    Jeep Cherokee kj 2006 good allrounder. But i got to admit a good old toyota troopy is 1 of the best 4wds still out there An that's from a jeep driver.
  18. jeep65

    Help me win

    We voted I meen Amanda did. You need bigger ones Cliffy good luck.
  19. jeep65

    Kroombit Tops Weekender

    Hey here is a couple of pictures of kroombit tops. I hope you all don't mind me doing this. And looking forward to seeing emily and dave's pics and cliff and trice's photos. COME ON GUYS U ARE A BIT SLOW. LOL
  20. jeep65

    Kroombit Tops Weekender

    Daves last creek crossing sorry Dave.