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  1. slivertoy

    dog friendly campsites. Robe

    hi guy's, me and a few Mexicans are heading over to Robe for a week, in 2 weeks time, and we have a couple of dogs with us, we are looking for suggestions and knowledge of any pooch friendly campsites, preferably beach camp-grounds, between, say the Coorong/Cape Jaffa/Wrights Bay, down to...
  2. slivertoy

    Airborne Landcruiser

    what can I say, keep your eyes on the road at all times, Major Tom, to ground control, check ignition, count down on :D:D
  3. slivertoy

    work mate nick names

    What nick names do your work mates have ?, i was talking to some-one yesterday, and some of the names are, GOLD. here's a few, Puss in boots, Miss Piggy, deep voice, fluffy neck, mad cow, butchy boy, mister fister, Mc Guyver Bluce Ree, blister's shit tit's the shermanator. fire away :D:D
  4. slivertoy

    never ending story 2017

    here it is. OK Guy's, after rules were requested here they are. only 3 words per post. you have to wait until another member posts before you can post. most of all make it funny. cheer's Sean
  5. slivertoy

    Mt Terrible trip

    We all had an awesome day trip up to Mt Terrible on Sunday, I met Spooner, (Rick) and, The Missus (Cath) and her better half Wayne, in Bayswater, after a quick meet and greet, it was off to pick up Brent and Mick at Mt Evelyn, then onto Seville to pick up Discomatt (Matt) and his better half...
  6. slivertoy

    day trip to Mt Terrible

    Hi guy's, TRIP FULL I've planned a day trip up to Mt Terrible on Sunday the 31st of July, not this Sunday, the next one. have room for 3 more members (max of 6), so far there is myself, 80 series Spooner, BT50 and Nswgrl1, GQ Patrol discomatt, Discovery Mick, Gu Patrol and bigdan, Prado plan on...
  7. slivertoy

    the original sandman

    for the lovers of the 70's and 80's Panelvan scene, this might be where the Holden guru's got the idea for the Sandman panelvan :D
  8. slivertoy

    Ultimate Toyota Cruiser ? Slee off road

    So guy's, What are your thoughts, 79 series body, 80 series chassis/driveline and 100 series engine.
  9. slivertoy

    blind photographer

    heh all, this is a trailer about a great friend of mine Andrew, what magnificent achievement enjoy :) Blind Man Driving Trailer - YouTube