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  1. OzWill

    Set up Issue !

    Hey there ! :p I'm looking for an idea to replace a part of my 4WD's actual set up, cause it's really annoying ! I've 3 backtracks fixed to the roof with two big straps. I don't have room to put them anywhere else, AND they gimme more aerodynamics (the big black box catches a lot of air ...)...
  2. OzWill

    How to fix a rooftop tent cover ?

    Hey there ! :) I've just bought an used 4x4, Mitsubishi Triton 2001 3.0L ULP V6 ! I'm happy with the setup so far, but I have a problem with the rooftop tent ; the cover is torn apart, and it's going worse and worse. It's torn apart on both back corners, and there's no scratch on the back edge...
  3. OzWill

    Grand Cherokee 97 ?

    Hey there ! Currently in Australia, I'm about to buy a 4x4 to go in the bush / outback. I have a 97 Grand Cherokee in sight, 235k for 5000$. I will have to customize it : add a rooftop tent, roof rack, fridge, etc ... Does every roof rack fits with Jeep ? Is an American make like Jeep a good...
  4. OzWill

    Will from France : bonjour !

    Hey there ! I'm Will, from France, currently in Australia (Perth). Registered here to gather information about 4X4s before I buy one, and maybe meet some 4X4 buddies ! I'll post a thread with all the questions I have in mind. Thanks for reading and see you soon ! Will