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  1. Triton14

    Do I need a 100A, 150A or 200A VSR'S??

    Hi guys. so what is the difference? Is it just the charge rate to the Aux battery? I've been trying to find the reason why you would use either, the 200A need pretty large diameter wiring & fusing so just wondering if that is worth it over the 100A or 150A??
  2. Triton14

    New battery posts on wrong side(not ends)

    Hi Earthers, about 4 weeks ago I bought a new Optima D34 & haven't fitted it yet(but I have unpackaged it!) as my battery of 5 & 1/2 years is still hanging in there. I am going on a high country trip soon & want to fit it before I go as the temps will be very low & I don't trust this battery...
  3. Triton14

    Free Crispmods/Munji EGR delete upgrade for 2017 onward vehicles

    Hi all, I have one of these in my Triton & its working brilliantly from what I can tel. Anyway I gut this email from Munji which doesn't really apply to me but just thought I would pass it on in case any 2017 model Triton MQ/Challenger/Pajero owners that have bought a 4D56 delete. I think this...
  4. Triton14

    MN Triton EGR fixes

    Hi all, I had done a bit of reading & research into this before now but hadn't taken any steps as I wasn't sure of the best route to follow & to be honest the subject still confuses me a bit.. So after just 42,000km of my MN Triton I just had to have the 1st intake cleanout which set me back...
  5. Triton14

    Old Winnebago info needed

    Hi fella's, I need to try find any information on this old girl that will lead me back to a model & or approx value. Not trying to sell it via this thread but looking for leads on where I might find information as googling the serial # is getting me know where. Cheers
  6. Triton14

    Another good day in the bay

    I had the opportunity to go out any day last week & according to the weather man Tuesday was going to be the pick of the weather for the week so I took advantage & headed out to the bay for a bit of a relax & try & get a feed. Started out a big late really as the tide was already running out...
  7. Triton14

    Diesel power chip modules or similar, do they work?

    Hi guys, I did do a search & found a thread from 2013 which was interesting to read but I thought as 4 years had past I would ask if there are any updated info or opinions. My MN MY14 Triton is gradually getting heavier with add on's & I keep seeing these modules/performance chips being...
  8. Triton14

    Bread & butter fishing

    I hope all you fisho's get out there over summer & wet a line. I got out on Monday after quite a spell & bagged myself a few feeds of flathead. The biggest went 52cm. Great day out on the bay even if the weather was a bit average. Cooked up a quick meal of lightly Cajun spiced FH with some...
  9. Triton14

    Flexi glass canopy-permantly affixing front hinged wind

    Hi fella's, I have a flexiglass sports canopy on the Triton & the front hinged glass window constantly leaks water into the back. Anyway I don't really need it to be opened (stupid design if you ask me!) as I don't have a rear sliding panel in the ute. Im looking for ideas on how to make it...
  10. Triton14

    Rabbit pie recipes

    Hi fella's, just thought I would start sharing some of my game recipes. These are made from rabbits I have hunted myself & just one of many things I make from my own produce. I also make my own sausages, jerky, bresaola etc I hope you give them a try one day ;) Rabbit pie recipes Firstly as...
  11. Triton14

    Dual battery set up in MN Triton

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has put a dual battery set up under the hood in a MN Triton?? I got told it cant be done due to the lack of room but then I did a bit of googling & found a 2 battery tray available on Ebay. Its hard to see how this tray will fit into the same position but I...
  12. Triton14

    MN Triton Narva driving light wiring loom

    Hi guy's, just wondering if anyone out there can help me with the install of my new Narva 225 lights. It comes with a full wiring loom which is cool & I understand where everything goes EXEPT where to connect the pre wired H4 & HB3 loom assembly to the high beam circuit. Had a look under the...
  13. Triton14

    Easy detachable awning/tent

    Hi all, just joined & though I would throw my first thread up on a mod I did not long ago. I was gifted an awning tent a while ago & all I had to buy was an awning which I was going to get anyway. After using the tent the first time I realised how restrictive it was if you wanted to use the...
  14. Triton14

    Another newbie

    Hi guys & girls, just joined & thought Id say g'day. Got a 2014 MN triton which I am slowly but surely adding things to when the budget permits. Look forward to learning heaps & maybe add a few things as well. Adrian.