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    Pilbara trek part 1

    In June this year me and a couple of mates headed up to the Pilbara for 10 days, covering some 3500 kms and venturing back to some locations last visited 10 years ago. Attached is part one - Bilyuin Pool to Kalgan Pool. I still need to work on some of the finer movements with the Spark, but...
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    Daylight Savings..... Yay or Nay ?

    We've tried daylight savings a few times here in WA. The last time it was trialled I was all for it, but I found because it was darker later I ended up going to bed later, so by Friday I was absolutely buggered as I had virtually missed out on a full nights sleep. Years later and I'm still...
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    Learning to fly

    The Spark has its limitations, but I keep telling myself, the $600 price tag (or whatever it was I paid) will be an easier pill to swallow if it ever gets lost or destroyed compared to the grand or more for some of the higher spec models. Plus I also have a better chance of surviving the...
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    Learning to fly You should also get an OTG cable if you are using a android product, it improves the connection between your phone/tablet and the remote considerably. The latest advise also seems to be to switch your device to air plane mode when using the cable.
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    Learning to fly

    Make sure you buy a battery strap (not available as a DJI accessory) off Ebay, it stops the battery falling off mid flight - with disastrous results. DJI have upgraded the clip mechanism slightly but have not confirmed it was done to prevent separations, so just to make sure the strap is a good...
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    When wifey follows the GPS in her new disco.

    I guess it depends on what the walking trail looked like at the start. I can remember starting on a pathway up Anzac Hill in Alice Springs many, many years ago with my dad. The path got narrower and narrower and steeper and steeper until we were on all fours, eventually scrambling up over the...
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    Out and About

    Yep Kalgan Pool was in a sorry state compared to the last time I was there in 2007, but the long water crossing in was good fun. I actually drove in right beside the pool instead of using the wheel rutted entry point to the left as I had a load of wood on the roof. It was definitely dry up...
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    Out and About

    I just spent 10 days up in the Pilbara. Kalgan Pool, Running Waters, Carawine Gorge, Rudall River :D Kalgan Pool moon rising Upper Carawine Road Desert Queens Baths
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    Spare tyre is locked

    I've got one of them on my spare wheel, I take it off every time I go off road (if I remember) as dust jams it up. I've used contact cleaner with some success as it cleans but doesn't leave a residue. It generally takes a bit of patience, but wiggle the key from side to side after you've...
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    Cruizin' on 100

    You're a better man than me, camping in 40°c would see me perish from dehydration in no time. I'm a fair weather camper when it comes to the anything north or east of Perth during summer.
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    Wooramel woes

    Your battery dropping the ball at the Wooramel may have been a blessing in disguise. We called into Bilung Pool on the way back from the Kennedy Ranges and were only there for half an hour and got eaten alive by midgies. I spent the next week or so at home fighting the urge to scratch my skin...
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    Desert Trek

    Got one. Great video by the way
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    Desert Trek

    Yeah, in 2009 three of us were able to trek right to the very last pool and scramble up the bank to look out across the open plain. From memory we only had to swim 2 pools, but unfortunately didn't have a camera with us so no proof. Maybe next time.
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    Desert Trek

    I haven't been to DQB for 10 years, but it looks like current water levels are even less than in 2009. A huge bush fire had gone through the area a year earlier and the whole valley looked like a lunar landscape. Two years earlier in 2007 everything was lush and green and the pools were all...
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    Fridge cable dramas

    I have a similar setup and had the same issues but now I've run the power cable up the inside of the drop arm to the bracket that holds the C clip and then looped the cable around it. Initially it was all held in place by some adhesive smart small cord tabs from Bunnings but most of them dropped...
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    Bagging 300

    I just watched the second episode. Using an esky instead of a fridge - I guess someone had to do it, just to prove why we all use fridges now. ;) I can remember driving up to the Kimberley with my old man back in 1978 using an esky and the roars of laughter that could be heard coming from the...
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    DJI Mavic Air

    The battery in the Spark is held in position by two small lugs on the side that attach to the body of the aircraft. There have been numerous reports of them dropping off mid flight and recently DJI seem to have quietly made a subtle change to them so they are slightly more substantial/visible...
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    DJI Mavic Air

    Not something I normally do but I was trying to get an overhead shot of my recently renovated back lawn believe it or not o_O. Normally I fly over vacant crown land just down the road.
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    DJI Mavic Air

    Disaster struck yesterday. I hadnt flown the Spark for a month or so, so charged everything up and took off from the back yard. I got to a height of 14 metres and the battery disconnected and the drone fell like a stone onto the neighbours roof resulting in some serious damage. Battery...
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    Wooramel woes

    The voice at 4.30 in the morning sounded like you'd partaken in a few of those bitter bush chooks the night before.