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    Bluetooth battery monitor

    Yeah I have BM2 monitor... i like the graph / history to see what went on overnight Also the Victron MPPT charger of course has its own onboard smarts.
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Little weekend up Lancelin way with some school mates / mates for a "lads n dads' type trip, and kayak across to the Island. I've been to this town a hundred times and never thought to actually go check it out.
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    Lightweight, strong, compact and comfortable camp chairs

    this is the chair I have. plus a low slung small beach one for day / beach use
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    1+K led spotlights, lightbar etc

    Re direction of Roo's ... often lights will "startle" them or attract their gaze ... and often it's their own shadow that starts to shift behind them as you approach that causes them to jump *away* from their shadow ... and thus toward the light source. But this is purely conjecture, wildlife...
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    Employee crushes own work ute with haul truck.

    Work shop copy? Workshop copies Yeah workshop problem with LV-331, can't get the door to open, unsure why.
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    Brass Monkey Fridges

    Dometic (Waeco) say 30degrees is OK ... so when used in a boat up on the plane, or a 4wd on a hill (oops I think we've all been past 30 degrees too hah ha) Not that i really care or am advocating one way or another! but 5 degrees is not much angle at all for anything mobile.
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    Brass Monkey Fridges

    that'd be an issue in boats too when they're on the heel underway
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    New uhf time... Antenna suggestion appreciated.

    I forgot to add, the placement of my antennas isn't ideal
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    New uhf time... Antenna suggestion appreciated.

    I have a uniden UHF antenna that comes with a 3dbi for around town and fitting in car ports, and a 6.6dbi for longer trips I stopped using whips because i had too many explode from corrugations and a crap bullbar vibration. Not to be confused wiht the thinner Telstra Antenna visible in pics...
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    Temperature of portable fridge

    Yep, I think, unless I've confused my wording. Either way It'll become obvious when you go fiddle with it That's assuming your fridge is even off kilter in the first place...
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    Temperature of portable fridge

    See quick video attached. press and hold up and down temp buttons and A mode will appear. Then use set to select which bin. So a-0 means no offset. A-2 will instruct the fridge that you want to subtract 2degrees from what it thinks is the temp (make warmer)A2 means you want to add 2 degrees...
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    Temperature of portable fridge

    I run at 3c in both bins in winter and 2c in summer just so the tops of the bins get a bit more cooling as more susceptible to ambient loads. That said every fridge is different even within the same models on my cfx75dzw you can calibrate the bins against your own themroterr to be sure. I found...
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    2020 4x4earth Calendar photos - September- Best Camp Ground

    WA - First two are Keysbrook on a private farm. The second is a secret spot on the WA coast
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    How thirsty is your fridge.

    Yeh ordinarily I’d have the side windows open and be actively using for camping or pulled up athome in shade but when at work it’s in a sunny car park in inner suburbs so it’s locked up tight. Same goes when driving I guess. so this testing I’m doing is brutal and over n above normal, good way...
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    How thirsty is your fridge.

    40c forecast tomoroew , probably hit 48-50c in canopy I’ll see what she chews that’s fairly obscene heat though
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    How thirsty is your fridge.

    yeh unplug it and re plug it! Ha ha. Sometimes it loses its own memory after a few days too
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    How thirsty is your fridge.

    Summer test cfx75dzw vs winter test
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    Solar charging when car has a dcdc charger

    This thread is ancient and obselete guys.. have since been through several solar setups , MPPT chargers and all is well in the world lol
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    4wd show purchase.

    Regarding bricks and mortar retailer vs eBay, if I am intending to purchase from B&M then I will always let them keep 5 - 10% in it above the “online price” , because I see value in them remaining in the game - and their costs are higher. As to shows though (which is bricks and mortar...