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  1. mauriceb

    Do you need shock covers?

    The Koni 90'S for the live axle cruisers have a front exposed shaft due to the size of the shock as a cover simply would not fit . I have had no issues with this . They decided not to do this to the rear due to stone spray damage . I have always protected my rear sections on all my shocks by...
  2. mauriceb

    Solar output

    Thanks @Drewswb. As you see on my image, mine puts out 23V and with its stated rating does not match my Supercheap Auto 100W Solar blanket of just on 6 amps in full direct sunlight. Seems like many sellers fake the specs on ebay on solar panel and its up on google.
  3. mauriceb

    Solar output

    @ryn . I also purchased a 200w. Solar panel 1200 x550 on ebay ,with all the high tech certifications which I see are all BS .It was to fit my roof rack. I'm lucky if it exceeds 5 amps in full clear sunlight. Contacted seller with required photo's and received a full refund/ keep panel. I then...
  4. mauriceb

    Grand Cherokee 97 ?

    @ Ozwill Hope you didn't buy the Mitzy as this one's on Facebook Marketplace , later model, lower Km's. Better fuel economy. Friendly owner waving.
  5. mauriceb

    Any Plumbers Here ?

    Well done ,slip collars or joints are a better option. Was a drainer moons ago but still managed to fluke hammering a picket thru my 100 sewer last week.
  6. mauriceb

    Reliable TPMS

    I ordered these last week for Singapore .They have a liquid crystal display shows in Psi. No indication on low alarm setting. Hopefully brighter that my other coloured display model .If not will have spare sensors for my dig options...
  7. mauriceb

    Not a trip report, as much as expedition video - Red Center

    Well done David and very well filmed. Considering the time of year and the very high risks you took travelling it solo where recovery is not possible but managed to come out the other side. You did very well. I am familiar with your route and I know of no other vehicles that have travelled the...
  8. mauriceb

    Reliable TPMS

    I also purchased the 4 sensor $34 tpms kit below over a year ago just for the sensors as the transmit frequency are the same as digoptions . Ended up using the kit on my other 4b. They work very well including deep water crossings. They have a long transmit range. The only downside is display...
  9. mauriceb

    Reliable TPMS

    Most of the external sensors use the button type lithium CR1632, sold at most supermarkets. Life in the supplied manual says about 3 years of use.
  10. mauriceb

    Reliable TPMS

    I'm not to concerned about the tyre temp unless you drive a fully laden road train. Consider the external sensors . If your batteries go flat on the internal ones it's a high cost to remove the tyres/ rebalance. If you decide to buy the cheaper internal tpms, I suggest to replace the cheap...
  11. mauriceb

    Reliable TPMS

    Im very happy with however i only have the compact solar model with 6 sensors. I have been on extended outback trips with 2 guys using the TP_ 19 and they worked faultless even with pressures below 15 psi
  12. mauriceb

    Mysteries of the Aussie bush .

    An interesting read. (About) Attached is the book in a pdf
  13. mauriceb

    Will there be a Qld 4x4 earth gathering soon?

    Fraser or Morton would not be worth the expense just for the usual Friday and Sat nights, unless you plan to stay longer. With the ferry , camping and permits it works out quiet expensive. Like $280 return on the ferry from Victoria point. plus permit for 1 month or less = $52.75 , plus camping...
  14. mauriceb

    Copper or Aluminum Radiator, Emergency Repair Wise

    Devcon epoxy resin works well to repair damage to Alloy Rad's . In 2014 I Mulga staked my expensive Pwr. Aluminum core Rad on a desert trip and am still using it today after a roadside repair. As for Toyoto's Red coolant life of 15 years mentioned above ,who would do that considering worn out...
  15. mauriceb

    King suspension dealers Melb

    @phs .Talk to James @Trophy truck 481 on this forum .James is a King Australian supplier with many years of setting up offroad suspension.
  16. mauriceb

    New from WA with a Landcruiser 105 and a 6.5 Chev optimizer. Please help.

    'Towpack' if your referring to the Terrain Tamer 5th gear overdrive ,3.5 ratio's diff would be to height . Designed for 4.1 which drops revs from 2280rpm to around 1900rpm with a H box. Tank (Sub) rear. Strongest is 'Out of Town' brand called the Long Ranger 180 liters capacity , sold by ARB...
  17. mauriceb

    Dmax failure on the canning

    Photo's of the same rig and a second Isuzu with almost similar problems.The one from the video is also on the Canning group. Lots of vehicle failures this year. . All our Aussie tracks a now flogged to dead. I...
  18. mauriceb

    MCC rear bars

    Think about if you really need one. I know your an solo outback adventurer that's self supportive and carry all essential equipment. So already at max gvm. I removed my kaymar twin carrier years ago on my 105 series due to the excessive weight and went back to a single kaymar, stock bar. With...
  19. mauriceb

    2019-Aug Midweek North & Mid NSW Explore Trip

    Another great trip report . Lovely area and lots to see .Camped at the same shelter hut a few weeks ago in Boono Boono NP. A bush fire swept the area with out causing to much damage earlier this year
  20. mauriceb

    Diesel fuel tank

    We travelled Cocklebiddy to Esperance in June 2018 mostly on the Teli Track not hard but overgrown and lots of deep paint scratches . From Billibunya sand dunes west we traveled the beach ,sand was very soft so exited on one of the few access tracks back the the main track .Great scenery and...