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    Ranger auto locker

    Can't fit an auto locker - the front diff is permanently engaged
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    Supercheap VS Repco

    I use Bursons for work and personal, get an awesome account discount due to a few friends helping push my monthly buy figures up so I can push for a better discount structure. Repco, autobarn etc are useless, yet to meet consistent knowledgeable people in any of them, only good for oil sales.
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    33s on a PX Ranger

    I average 13.3L per hundred with 35s, 2.5in lift, full barwork, 3t, etc. Down to around 12L on highway runs at 105kmh
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    What have I got wrong?

    That wire is only 1.5mm =3mm auto. Rated at 15a on short runs, I wouldn't use less than 4mm auto cable for any light bar, and 6mm on bigger light bars or roof mounted.sounds like the wiring and fuses are too small.
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    4x4 car wash in Brisbane/Logan area

    Try the wash behind the Matilda servo on station rd, next to the east bound logan motorway entrance
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    Fault code P1264

    Disconnect turbo timer(highly doubt it is the reason, but start at the easy/cheap stuff) The 1kd engines are know to have turbo issues over time, you should be able to see the actuator do a self test at key on and shutdown. If the vnt is gunned up it will log codes like this. No real permanent...
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    Two winches

    70mm weldflex as linked would be the go. 50mm is pushing it over the length needed
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    Transgenders in sport

    My anti depressant comment was poorly worded - After starting on hrt most people can stop anti depressants, as hiding the trans issue is what causes the depression.
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    Transgenders in sport

    After seeing 3 pages of mostly non sports, derogatory comments I was sick of it, and wanted to call it out. I have my own views on trans people in sport, if someone has been on hrt for 2-3 yrs and in a non contact club level sport, there is no real advantage. I am 6ft and get flattened by other...
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    Transgenders in sport

    Want to preface this with a enjoy this forum and banter, have been lurking for years. I hope I things are civil and I am still welcome, would say a lot if I get run out of here. Screw it I know about this because I AM trans. It doesn't define me. I don't expect handouts, I don't expect to be...
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    Transgenders in sport

    So you think anti depressants should be banned? Because that's how having the correct hormones for brain chemistry works.
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    Transgenders in sport

    There was a young trans dude forced to wrestle woman as he wasn't allowed in the men's divisions. He wasnt happy about it, but wanted to continue a sport he had been in for years, the sporting body had made the rules out mtf trans knee-jerk reactions. I know a couple of trans women, it's not...
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    Advice - Auto Box Fluid Level - 80 Series

    Because the valve body and clutch actuators have had the oil drain back
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    Sun rises or Sun sets

    2 days later
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    Sun rises or Sun sets

    From my recent Cape York trip. Missed sunrise at the sign by 5 min lol