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  1. Lewy_88

    Deua NP to Wadbilliga

    This is the 3rd and final part of our trip. We finally found somewhere to camp since we ran WAY behind schedule. Cooked a Mars Bar Damper in the camp oven for dessert. Sunday was a really nice day and made for some very scenic footage. Unfortunately we found out that the best trail of the day...
  2. Lewy_88

    Deua NP - Oulla Creek Ft to Hanging Rock Lookout

    Oulla Creek Firetrail is a great alternative to driving the full length of Merricumbene Firetrail. Driving in the easterly direction is fun with a long loose climb being the most difficult. There is a nice creek at the end of the trail which would be a good spot to stop for lunch. From there you...
  3. Lewy_88

    Merricumbene FT, Dry Creek Campground and Oulla Creek FT - Deua NP

    We went back to the old faithful Merricumbene FT and managed to do a lot of filming on the main steep section at the very beginning. We took a different route once up on the ridge and turned down Oulla Creek Firetrail.
  4. Lewy_88

    Bullbar installation video - Uneek 4x4 Single Hoop

    We installed this bar over a couple of days. The instructions weren't great but we made it work. In the video I tried to address some of the points that were lacking in the instructions.
  5. Lewy_88

    Lithgow recovery after snapped CV shaft

    We recently spent a weekend in Lithgow (trip video is in the NSW Trip report Sub-Forum) and both the Discovery 4 and RG Colorado 7 came limping home. Lucky to drive home actually. The Disco got off lightly and cheaply, the Colorado did $1100 in parts and labour.
  6. Lewy_88

    Video: Lithgow and Lake Lyell Campground - Colorado goes BANG

    The second part of our trip meant it was time for the Colorado to take on some of the formidable Lithgow tracks. The first was Old Drift Road, it is a fun challenge for any vehicle with open diffs. Lots of fun and laughs there. Camp on Saturday night was at the Lake Lyell Campground. Really...
  7. Lewy_88

    Lithgow - Glow Worm Tunnel/Lost City and Ranger Bobs

    We headed for Lithgow a couple of weeks back. We left Canberra on Friday night and went looking for the couple of the camp sites out along the trail that heads to the Glow Worm Tunnel. We went straight past the first one and headed for Barcoo Swamp Campground. This was a mistake because the spot...
  8. Lewy_88

    Vic High Country - Nuniong Plains and a massive fallen tree

    This is the third and final part of our VHC trip. We camped in a large clearing in the Nuniong Plains area after Moscow Villa Hut was chockers. The next day was another ‘wing-it’ style route where we planned to head east until we hit Snowy River Rd…. It didn’t go to plan…
  9. Lewy_88

    Vic High Country - More Cobberas, fallen trees and the search for mines

    This part of our trip, the rest of our cars tackle the Cobberas climb, one finds it harder than the other. We stop for lunch in a clearing along Cobberas. The plan changes at lunch and we head off in search of some ‘abandoned’ mines. Along the route we clear two fallen trees and make it to one...
  10. Lewy_88

    Vic High Country - Ingeegoodbee and Cobberas Tracks

    We spent two nights, three days in the High Country starting with a camp on the Ingeegoodbee River. The plan was to get as far along Ingeegoodbee and McFarlanes Flat Tracks as possible on Friday night. Driving these tracks at night was an awesome experience. On Saturday our main goal was to...
  11. Lewy_88

    Can I turn off 'Hill Start Assist'?

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone knows if Hill Start Assist can be turned off? I had some experiences on the weekend out bush where it engaged many times while I was trying to negotiate a very steep section of track. I needed some very delicate acceleration from a dead stop but with HSA didn't allow...
  12. Lewy_88

    Part 2 of the Pinnibar Trip - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground

    More awesome scenery and a great campground. We damaged the Dmax rear bar in a creek crossing, then winched out of the same crossing the next day. Finished the trip with a flat tyre. Great weekend away! Vic High Country - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground
  13. Lewy_88

    Video - Tom Groggin - Mt Pinnibar - Wheelers Hut

    This is part one of our trip which starts at Tom Groggin Campgound, we head to the summit of Mt Pinnibar and then stop for lunch at Wheelers Hut.
  14. Lewy_88

    Does RG ute bullbar fit Colorado7?

    I have heard that the RG ute bullbars wont fit the Colorado7. I have a 2016 C7. Does anyone know why they dont fit??? Surely the front end isnt that different. Cheers, Lewy
  15. Lewy_88

    Cheap DIY 12v setup in Colorado 7

    After I put in the false floor and drawer, power was next! I wanted the battery to be removable, and didn't want to go through the hassle and expense of putting it in the engine bay. So here is what I did.
  16. Lewy_88

    Colorado 7 rear drawer and false floor fitout

    Video shows what I used, what it all looks like fully loaded and how much it cost me.
  17. Lewy_88

    4wd and Camping around Nelligen and Mogo

    Our recent trip to the state forests around Nelligen and Mogo. Had a lot of fun and found plenty of good 4wd tracks! Part 1 - Camping at Currowan Creek and Downfall Firetrail Part 2 - Porkchop Hill and Mogo Powerlines
  18. Lewy_88

    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    Can anyone reccomend a polish or another treatment to best remove (or make less obvious) the many pinstripes and scratches I have in my black paint? I saw another post on the forum recomemding Autoglym Super Resin Polish. Is this still the best option? I have used a cheapo wax in the past and...
  19. Lewy_88

    Installing Dobinsons 50mm lift springs & struts on Holden Colorado 7

    Dad and I installed Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit in my Colorado 7. I struggled to find any suspension 'how to' videos on Colorados so I thought i'd make one myself. The most helpful part for mine is the part where it shows how to get the strut out from inside the upper and lower arms.
  20. Lewy_88

    Dobinsons Adjustable Monotube 50mm lift kit installation on Colorado 7

    I made a quick and simple video of our DIY installation on my Colorado 7. Overall lift was about 35mm in the front and 45mm in the rear. I plan to adjust the front up 10mm to get it sitting even.