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  1. mauriceb

    SE Qld storm last night

    Last night we coped a fierce storm Still with 25'500 homes without power. Video filmed by @Les PK Ranger
  2. mauriceb

    SE Qld storm last night

    Last night we coped a fierce storm Still with 25'500 homes without power. Video filmed by @Les PK Ranger
  3. mauriceb

    Importing .GPX files into Hema 4wd Not Hema Explorer

    Its easy to import a gpx file to this app using the default email client on the ipad but what about if there is no access to internet and you want to create a accurate track from oziexplorer when you are in the bush and then want to load it back into the ipad app. Does anyone have any...
  4. mauriceb

    Hema 4wd app ios

    Hi Guys . I have been long time user of Ozi , PC, CE and Android and have been given a ipad. I installed the Hema 4WD app .Not Hema Explorer . I am having trouble finding the settings that orientates the map to the direction of travel ( north up as in ozi) and how to adjust the thickness of...
  5. mauriceb

    Live axles, non common rail diesels to be phased out

    Interesting ,Not sure if this has been posted
  6. mauriceb

    Cheap android gps Device

    Purchased the Lenovo 7 inch Tab3 today from Officework and set it up for a mate . For $96 plus a Ozi licence key of $25 US. These a great value for a Off road navigation to run Oziexplorer , Hema Explorer or Mud Maps including many of the Data less street Navs from google play. I also loaded a...
  7. mauriceb

    1996 80 series Landcruiser 4.5L GXL

    Selling for a mate .Location Berri S.A 1996 GXL TOYOTA LANDCRUISER $11,500.00 ono. Bill Santos 0407 390 576 Berri...
  8. mauriceb

    Thuraya XL Lite

    Does anyone have a earpiece for this model, i would like to known what size/type the plug on the end of the earpiece is for a project im working on. It's not 3.5mm standard type. Thanks in advance.
  9. mauriceb

    Aldi 10.1 Android tab

    Has anyone purchased the Aldi 10.1 Android tab today and if you could post the specs. Im interested if it has a gps and what the screen resolution is. Thanks
  10. mauriceb

    CODAN HF RADIO Question For Tech Or Auto Elect

    I fitted a Fuel Manager Diesel prefilter that has a probe in the bowl that picks up any water in the filter to my 105 series cruiser, manual pump no computer.It works basicly the same way as a radiator low level alert like Aqua Alert but in reverse. This filter probe has wires running thru...
  11. mauriceb

    Dyneema Winch Rope

    I have a Warn 9500lbs low mount winch .Anyone know if 10mm x 30 or 12mm x 28 meters of Dyneema Rope will fit on the roll Thanks
  12. mauriceb

    1O5 Series replacement or rebuild Alternator

    Considering rebuilding or replacing my 200,000 km Alternator on my 105 series due to the remote trips i do . Anyone had any experience on these Bosch Alternators . Im a bit wary of the cheap ones online . Although this is a Bosch its made in taiwan and i believe so is the gen toyota denso...
  13. mauriceb

    R151f To H151f Gearbox Conversion In 105 Series

    This was also posted on lcool Fitted the Stronger H151f box into my HJZ105 Part time with the 1HDFT engine(same as changing with 1hz motor) Used the complete box transfer bellhouse,flywheel out of a HDJ79 2005 done 102000km. I used the 79 gear shifter but had to heat and bend lever back aprox...
  14. mauriceb


    Have for sale my complete transmission less shifters out of my HZJ105 part time landcruiser The box is reconditioned and has stronger shafts and gears for aftermarket turbo engines .Please PM me if interested ,see link and photos here TOYOTA Landcruiser 100 Ser rebuilt strengthened gearbox...
  15. mauriceb

    Qld 105 Series Strenghten Gearbox/transfer /safari Clutch

    Im hoping to be on my 2nd last upgrade to my HZJ105 cruiser .Last year i purchased a low km imported 1HD-FT motor, fitted it in october after replacing seals hoses bearing ect including a pump rebuild then the XXI industries W2A Intercooler and the boost compensator pin mod in december which i...
  16. mauriceb


    I saw this tonight on 4x4 earth forum posted on the 11th of may at the corner of the WAA line and the Knolls track in the Simpson Desert and i think this is irresponsible. He is sending the wrong message about us 4x4 enthusiast . This is why areas are being close due to destruction and scaring...
  17. mauriceb

    Short Notice Trip Simpson Desert 24th May from Gold Coast

    Leaving single vehicle for the Simpson Desert next week from the Gold Coast will return around the 14th june . Any one interest in coming with capable well maintained vehicles are welcome to join .Will be crossing east west returning via coober pedy , william creek ,camerons corner , or can...
  18. mauriceb

    Outback /desert Trips /longer Adventures

    Wondering if Management of 4x4 earth and members would like to add OUTBACK/DESERT TRIPS/ LONGER ADVENTURES as a sub forum in TRIPS ,as i see a lot of people a heading west in the winter months. This would give members with less experience the opportunity to meet others and maybe join together to...
  19. mauriceb

    COB CREE LED headlight bulbs replacments

    Any one purchased or tested these new generation cob type cree led headlight bulbs not the multi led type as they a crap.These cob type use 2 super bright cree leds .They are available in various wattage and in 5000k and 6000k temps . The 25 watt x 2 ones are rated at 1800 lumens thats...