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  1. AdventureWagon

    6 Person Tent??

    We have the Coleman instant-up 8P tent. Great tent and easy to put up for sure, practiced from start to finish about 20 mins including pegs. Sleeps the three of us (we have a queen inflatable mattress and my son has a single). If you slept in just sleeping bags you could easily fit 4 in there...
  2. AdventureWagon

    Q: Budget DIY Camping fridge, AGM battery, solar blanket setup (under $1k)

    We have had an icebox up to now, and this is OK in winter but in summer you'll be buying a bag of ice per day, 2 days max. Plus the faff of emptying out all the water and all your stuff getting soaked. If you use them with block ice they are much better. We have just upgraded to a...
  3. AdventureWagon

    Can tow hitch go up or down or either?

    My Toyota towbar of similar design can be setup either way, there are (identical) ratings for both ways on the towbar. Might be a PITA to get it off though :) When I got my Prado the towbar hitch was rusted in and in a bad state. In the end I had to get a new towbar for it from a wreckers.
  4. AdventureWagon

    Grand Cherokee 97 ?

    seconded, love my Prado 90 :) Would also recommend Carsales. Lists all the details about the vehicle and you can do some really good filtering (e.g. stuff you don't see elsewhere like trans type, country of origin, aspiration type, etc).
  5. AdventureWagon

    Beach camping Queensland

    Can second Wikicamps, we have it and it's really good, and my in-laws use it a lot as they are avid motorhomers always in search of a free camping site!
  6. AdventureWagon

    Intro and new weekend toy

    Can vouch for the Prado 90. For your budget I am not sure you'd get much else in the recent Toyota realm, especially diesel. My petrol Prado 90 had 370,000 km on it and was $6k. Prado 90 does have three child anchors (you may need to supply the anchors but the captive fixings for them are...
  7. AdventureWagon

    Fraser Trip

    If you want my No 1 hint based on my Straddie trip, it's get to the ferry/barge at least an hour before you have to go and then go to a cafe locally or eat a snack whilst queued up. We thought we left plenty of time but there were several disasters on the way and we got to the ferry with only...
  8. AdventureWagon

    Brisbane, QLD to Parkes, NSW

    Certainly do, a little boy age 6, so he will love this, thank you.
  9. AdventureWagon

    Fraser Trip

    No way linked or endorsing, but this guy has done a lot of recent youtube camping stuff on Fraser Island: Looks lovely, this is a place high up on our places to visit list. Have done Straddie already :)
  10. AdventureWagon

    Brisbane, QLD to Parkes, NSW

    That is a stunning sight, thank you so much for all the recommendations. Will plot out a map soon
  11. AdventureWagon

    Brisbane, QLD to Parkes, NSW

    Thanks guys some great pointers there, will keep you updated on our plans
  12. AdventureWagon

    Nomad XT Search for door.
  13. AdventureWagon

    Nomad XT

    Is there a left hand door version for Australia? I think this is a requirement for registration in some states.
  14. AdventureWagon

    Brisbane, QLD to Parkes, NSW

    Hi guys, We're thinking of doing a camping tour from Brisbane to Parkes over a couple of weeks, will be great to see the radio telescopes and satellite dishes on the way, which I have heard there are a lot of. Has anyone done something similar? We are setup for tenting just taking our Prado...
  15. AdventureWagon

    Camper trailer insurance

    CIL - cover my 1983 Jayco Swan. They are the only mainstream ones I found that do trailers that old. It's agreed value is about $4.8k I think, with premiums of about $220. Not garaged, just parked on front garden. Sorry op, I just realised you were asking for off-road, this is an on-road...
  16. AdventureWagon

    Gas Bottles - Swap'n'Go or Own Your Own?

    Not my original idea think I saw it on another forum or website then decided to do my own. Originally had a swap and go cylinder but refilling is cheaper long term. usually has somewhere near us that does $15 - $20 refills.
  17. AdventureWagon

    Gas Bottles - Swap'n'Go or Own Your Own?

    Ha ha have not had anyone nick it yet even at motorway services but I usually tighten the holder pretty well :)
  18. AdventureWagon

    Gas Bottles - Swap'n'Go or Own Your Own?

    Buy your own and paint it like a Lego head. Then have to make another one for your neighbour :)
  19. AdventureWagon

    You need to see this before you buy an auto Amarok

    In the UK too people seem to have an affinity for Ford and Vauxhall for some reason, I grew up in the UK and the first time I got in a Japanese car was when I was 17! I guess people are familiar with them, certainly people who do drive them are just 'Ford' or 'Vauxhall' people and that's all...
  20. AdventureWagon

    Samford Showgrounds

    You are correct about the Scouts membership though you can get away with a $20 supporter membership but compared to the showgrounds this would have added 50% onto the cost! We have tended to go to caravan parks for our longer school holiday trips just because they have kids facilities and kids...