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  1. dirvine

    New 4WD On Line Magazine

    Looking through the Aulro web site today a new on line magazine has been started. Link is The editorial sounds promising and if they stay true to their word then it might be a good read.
  2. dirvine

    And I thought Only Tojo and Patrol owners were fanatics

    As you know I bought a Discovery 4. Despite all the awards it has won ( not that i b-ought it for that reason) it amazes me when you get on their site and criticise some of the stupid things that are missing or you have to spend over $8-10k to "correct" (try tyres and rims for starters), the...
  3. dirvine

    Some one has to be first!

    Well I traded in my old Great Wall on a new 16.5 Discovery 4 sdv6 Graphite, along with a few extras. I must say it is a beautiful vehicle to drive. Took it out to Toolangi last weekend and what a lovely car to drive. In fact all you do is basically steer. Mind you I could have bought 4 Great...
  4. dirvine

    12v bed pump.

    Currently I have a12v Coleman pump to pump up our queen size mattress. It cost about $35. It takes ages and also it does not want to pump the mattress up to a nice firm pressure. Can anyone recommend a good brand and where to purchase in melbourne area.
  5. dirvine

    Long Range Tank Manufacturer in Geelong

    I had my new long range tank fitted yesterday and I finally finished fitting all the plumbing today. I have not yet filled it up and tested it, petrol is too dear in Victoria at the moment. The tank was made my Kym of Ballistic Engineering about 15 minutes south of Geelong in Victoria. He is...
  6. dirvine

    Tyre Sizes.

    Today I lashed out and bought some Cooper ST MAXX 275/70/17 for my Great Wall. Using the various calculators on the internet, by their calculations the tyre should be 32.1" or 816.9mm. Now unless my tape measure has shrunk, I could only get a measurement. UNLADEN (ie not even on the car) of...
  7. dirvine

    new member

    Hi all, I have a great wall x240. My mate Jacnden convincedme to join up. We did cape york last year being the first x240's to do it. My car is heavily modified, and some will have seen it recently featured in the 4x4 action magazine. Since that time, I have put crawler gears for low range...