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    President Trump/ Biden

    I'm only here for the conspiracy theories.
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    Where to stay in Portugal

    I have three days with my wife to visit Portugal. Can anyone recommend any places to visit, relax and see the real portugal ?
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    President Trump/ Biden

    That wouldn't be hard.
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    Another war.

    Of course. Doah.
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    Another war.

    Keep the hostages as long as possible. Watch the inevitable obliteration of Gaza and garner International sympathy (and funding) in their global jihad against western morals. Apart from that nothing really positive.
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    Polishing powdered coated bullbar

    Don't take it bush. Anything could happen to it out there.
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    Legal system overhaul.

    If you've never been to court, go and listen in to proceedings on a List day. It will open your eyes.
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    Driving light recommendations

    I kept an eye open on Marketplace and picked up three old IPF lights for between $10-25 each. Two broad beams and a single (middle) pencil beam. Used a Stedi wireing harness. I don't do much night driving or go over the speed limit and they do the job for a fraction of the cost.
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    Another war.

    Pity the rest of the Arab world Hate Hamas and wont let the Gaza civilians enter their country. I wonder why ?
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    Another war.

    There are no Innocent civilians in Gaza. They know who was amongst them, they supplied their young men and women for the fight, they are complicit. They just picked a fight with a more determined enemy who have military and diplomatic support from the Jewish lobby in the USA. There are reasons...
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    Hi to all

    Welcome. I have a 2015 Colorado and the best value for $ was a 2" lift kit with springs and shocks rated for my load. Done the Gibb, Gulf country, Red Centre and many kms of highway in between. Enjoy.
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    Another war.

    Points to consider. 1) First time Israel has had to fight a war under the eyes of social media. 2)The Jewish lobby here in Australia, the USA and most other countries have an unusually large influence. 3)The Arabs have been breeding like rabbits so the outcome this time may well be unexpected.
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    Kickass 75ltr fridge

    We have the 96 litre Kickass Fridge freezer. The bluetooth didn't work from the get go but we are happy with it. We use it as a fridge/fridge for food and drinks. As a fridge/freezer it draws an awful lot of power. A 40 litre Engel in the tow vehicle is our freezer as it is more efficient. I...
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    Small 12V Freezer

    Does anyone have a 20-25 litre 12V freezer ? What have you got and are you happy with it ?
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    Snowflakes, social media, harrassment & mental health.

    If you treat social media as anything other than entertainment you'll always be disappointed.
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    Climate deniers view

    Its the potential delay thats a real crime. But that doesnt seem to worry greens. Cop claims or not.
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    Industrial Air compressors ?

    I've had a few '4x4' air compressors over the last 35 years and most of the 'Industry/franchise' offerings have left me under impressed either with their cost or their performance. Has anyone gone next level with a more commercial grade 12V compressor ? If such a beast exists ??? What have you...
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    Bull bars

    He is 100% correct. But I 'Want' a bull bar.
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    Maxxis Razr - splits in ends of siping in tread blocks.

    Thx for the feedback.
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    Corona virus

    Censorship ? Try ... news that doesn't generate income. That would be more accurate.