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  1. fullboar4x4

    Free wheeling hubs

    Thanks for the reply, Good that the results are positive and totally agree with doing the mod for drive home ability.
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    2019 Great Wall Steed

    Just wondering if anyone on here has a Great Wall Steed ? Yes they are a little under powered but we have one that so far has proved to be fairly good for the price... off road seems to only lack a little power and clearance. Just wondering if anyone has one and what there thoughts are.
  3. fullboar4x4

    Free wheeling hubs

    Colly18, How did this workout ? I'm looking at doing this at the moment and wondering if you found good or bad results from this ??
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    Wobbles at 45km/h

    Hey bud, the wobble your getting is very common with patrol but it came be dealt with, if all your bears have been checked and they are all good then it will be your tyres, some larger tyres balance really well and some dont, check with your local 4x4 tyre fitter about getting a few bads of...
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    Rock sliders

    Keith, Im sorry but im going to pick on your sliders bud, 1st, I see that your bolts don't have any thread coming though into the lock part of the nylock nut, 2nd, The weld on the support to main bar is cracked, 3rd, You have missed the point of a slider, it not meant to be attached to...
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    Steering wobble at 85km?

    yep, tyre balance, hud bearings, wheel bearings, tyre wear, radius arm bushes (front or rear of arms) small buckle in wheel, and a few more, let me know who you go. bren
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    Headlight on????? Ok, lets look a this one a little bit,,, Headlight globes (halogen) will glow light up from 10.3volts through to 15.6volts, on average a computer will be damaged from a fast rise in voltage from lower battery volt to high battery volt, but a headlight will not blow from the...
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    Lokka Diff Locks

    Hey guys, I 've fitted, repaired, replaced and removed auto lockers and air lockers for a few years, both styles of locker have good and bad points. I would say with experience that air lockers in general are stronger but only when on the limits of what most full-on 4x4ers do. Auto lockers...
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    GQ rear diff vibration

    Yep i agree with the mav/patrol guys, its NOT normal and you need to do something about it now, before it costs you a lot more money, water or clutches out of adjustment would more than likely be the problem. I run lsd's front and rear in my gq and dont have the problem, both get oils changed...
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    Next mod

    hey bud, jump on Team MudRhino - The world of offroading and ask the guys, there are a few over that side of town bren
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    leafs ontop of diffs is it posible plz help!!

    Wow, just for asking a question you are giving 4x4ers a bad name, dam, best we all stop asking questions then... now come on guys, all he did was ask a question, and stets is right in one way, i can be done and is called spring over axle conversion but the better site to get info would be Team...
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    how high can i go?

    Lifting your mav/patrol would be more dependent on what you want from it than anything else, im running 2 inch body and 2 inch spring, 3 1/2 inch shocks, i have no prob running 35 BFG's but i did need to do the rear 1/4 cut to run 35 simex and not have them touching under full compression. I...
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    This my be a big problem?

    hey bud, what was/is the body lift for? i have a few different suppliers that i deal with and may be able to help you with it. bren
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    Body Lift to 2007 Hilux

    yes, you are correct, well done, i never said it wasnt
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    Body Lift to 2007 Hilux

    wow it must be so nice to live in nsw with all your fun police doing there best keep those smiles away
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    Body Lift to 2007 Hilux

    there is some issues if the car has airbags, but if not thee isnt too much that cant be done, call dave at playtime4x4 in sunbury 03 9740 6300 and chat to him, he does custom lifts (suspenion and body) all the time.
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    Lifted?? Vitara

    you could always ring dave at playtime4x4 in sunbury 03 9740 6300, he does custom lifts(suspenion and body) all the time.
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    New to site

    Hi all, just a short note to say hello to everyone and hopefully we will chat to you at some satge in the future, My name is Brendan, my wife is Annette, we have 2 children, Jayden 10 and Stephanie almost 1. We purchased an R50 3.3lt auto pathfinder jan07 and have been slowly changing and...
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    Recovery Virginity

    recovery virgin lessons For anyone thats interested in learning first, instead of getting it wrong and costing heaps, we do courses in recovery, we do try to mix it up and get dirty, its the best way of showing you how its done. 03 9740 6300, ask for dave.
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    LED light questions

    You can buy resistors from supercheap for this purpose, i had to get one when we fitted the led blinkers to our pathy.