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    Gu patrol diff gears.

    yeh takes more revs to spool the small girl up but i find these little engines like to rev. i also have a GQ coil cab ute, has the td42 with aftermarket turbo on it.... torque is very low down in rev range, can idle up hills that need a little right foot with the 2.8.
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    KM2's cracking between tread blocks after 35,000kms

    any more feedback on the tyre rep mate? i have just purchased a set of 285x75r16 for my GU in the mud terain's... hope this dosnt happen to em..
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    Gu patrol diff gears.

    What about your fuel econ? i have just purchased a 2.8 2000 patrol, put on a set of 33 muddies and have just done my 1st 1/4 tank of diesel for 95km's? is this normal or will diff gear change help? forgot to mention that at 80km/hr revs are bout 2150
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    I only noticed the 2 differant diesles at our shell the other day, just happened to be at the premium pump when i pulled up so in it went. A couple of cents dearer if i remember correctly but not enough to be bothered to move the ute to another pump. Cant say that i have noticed a big power...
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    g day g day

    welcome mick,only new myself but cant believe the amount of relevant posts in the forums that are usefull. enjoy!
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    Here to help

    yeh awesome to have someone with your knowledge on board! Welcome mate
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    Cairns Nth QLD

    Appreciate that mate! Cant wait to find some tracks and camp spots! cheers
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    Hello all!

    welcome aboard mate! only new myself but i can say there is a heap of interesting topics to read!
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    Cairns Nth QLD

    Thanks for the wecome guy! Appreciate it. Hey raffy been tryin to get onto the 4x4play forum but have had no responce.... Any idea of how or who to contact?
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    Roof top tents ? Any good ?????

    Wish i had of done it years ago! After looking for months and comparing products i settled on an Austrack. Picked it up from pete in innisfail (Distributor) and it is awesome. Cannot recomend them high enough for his service and price. Paid $1140 if i remember correctly and when i asked...
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    4x4 / Camping Nth QLD

    After a long week at work its nearly over. Time for some fun! Can anyone suggest some camping/ 4wd sports within 3-4hrs of Cairns? Havent had much time home so unfortunatly havent been able to explore and find camping / 4wd spots to enjoy or meet other 4wders, but now the new work roster...
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    Cairns Nth QLD

    Hi all, keen 4wd and camper joining the forums and cant wait to get back out there. Living in Gordonvale just south of Cairns but havent had much time untill now to get out and discovery the local area.