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  1. DazzGUIV

    2012 mini middle earth

    Yeah mate, I was in behind you after lunch with the cam running on the front of my car. All the footage is of you up the hill. Will post it up when I have a chance to upload it. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DazzGUIV

    Patrol 3.0 L when did it stop having issues

    I have also heard GUIII was when they got a few things sorted. I have a series 4 but i have still fitted a EGT, boost and oil pressure on mine as well as catch can (i went provent). Its good to know when your pushing the motor - i still see spikes when i would not expect them. I also clean the...
  3. DazzGUIV

    Coverting unkown wpt to garmin

    Just mark a waypoint and edit the coordinates to the ones you have. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. DazzGUIV

    KM2's cracking between tread blocks after 35,000kms

    I had a similar experience with my coopers. Used them correctly, tyre pressures etc and the blocks were just cracking off... I had no luck with warranty despite only having about 40,000k's on them. I heard heaps of different "theories" like its was due to having them new and taking them straight...
  5. DazzGUIV

    2012 mini middle earth

    Yeah thanks Scotty and the guys for a top weekend. A bit of dry between now and then would definitely not hurt the place! So post up and get yourself booked in to Coolendel. It'll be a great weekend of socializing with some track loops to suit all levels. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone...
  6. DazzGUIV

    ARB compressor in gu patrol

    Yeah I know what you meant but you should be able to get the air line through for the lockers. I'm sure others on here will be able to let you know where they went through. Worst case you can always go back through the firewall. Mine is also up at the pocket height. I have drawers in mind to fit...
  7. DazzGUIV

    GU roof CONSOLE

    Professional job mate. Looks great Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. DazzGUIV

    ARB compressor in gu patrol

    I mounted mine in the wagon off the third row seat bolts. It's also where my aux power is. Just keeps the compressor a bit high and dry. Also out of the dust and mud. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DazzGUIV

    GU Recovery point

    yeah i looked at these when i got mine, they look good. i ended up with the the macquarie4x4 ones. $60 ea i think
  10. DazzGUIV

    Free Our Bush Petition site

    Great work guys. I just watched it jump 30 odd signatures in 10 mins...
  11. DazzGUIV

    2012 mini middle earth

    Hi Noel, it will be up to everyone to book their spot for camping with coolendel. I suggest everyone get in early to ensure we have no disappointment later on. We dont have any control over the bookings. And yes I think it's still $80 unless Scotty has hot some new info?? Cheers, Dazz Sent...
  12. DazzGUIV

    What's happening with middle earth 2012???

    A broken leg Tez? :eek: Hope it all heals up for ya.
  13. DazzGUIV

    Simple camping additions you have done!

    Nice one Tez :D
  14. DazzGUIV

    New 2012-13 Patrol

    Yep does look a bit too pretty, but then again the GU is pretty compared to the GQ, which im pretty sure was styled from a house brick. Then again, I thought the GU was a bit too pretty when it came out, now i own one... hating the independant suspension - dont think i could go there.
  15. DazzGUIV

    L.E.D Light Legality

    Just a thuoght, if the individual LED lights are considerd lights, then what about all the new cars coming out these days with the LED driving lights in the front bumber - that would make those also illegal to the letter of the law?
  16. DazzGUIV

    Coffs habour now has fines for driving on wet tracks

    You can see what they are trying to achieve, but a bit impractical. Really hard to define or enforce. My guess is it wont be policed or enforced. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. DazzGUIV

    suspension mod

    I agree.. What are trying to achieve with the coils? Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. DazzGUIV

    DIY Rear draws for and 80series

    Looks great, and at a great price. you recon your al frame will handle drawer runners, or you planning a bit of a beef up for the frame before then?
  19. DazzGUIV


    Been using tap talk on here for about a month... It's been great to keep in the loop. The app tends to crash a bit on my iPhone, but I think that was an issue with my phone. After an update and clearing a bit of memory seems to be alot more stable. Cheers, Dazz Sent from my iPhone using...
  20. DazzGUIV

    Tassie crowds during Christmas break?

    really? ah thats a shame... good little bit of fun driving through the tunnel:cool: