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  1. rollywheeler

    pinion seal leak

    There's air in them there axles; when the air gets hot-it expands, hence the breather tubes; When it cools, it contacts, hence the absolute need for the tubes to be extended well above the level of the water you're likely to encounter. Hot axles and cold water crossings can create significant...
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    Online shop

    Kerry, that would have to be "The Quote Of The Week" :D
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    3'' system for 08 patrol

    Strange, I use a front end alignment specialist for that. :D
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    Landcruiser 3F improvements

    Does anyone have the goods on how to improve the fuel consumption on this lump of a boat anchor? A bit of a gain in torque wouldn't go amiss either. Running on LPG for most of the time.
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    Hi! From me too. I could do with a bit more energy - got any to spare? :D
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    Hi! from me too.
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    You won't get to be lonely here, mate. Lot's of action.
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    Hi all

    Hi, toochie, your "but am doing my research at present." attitude will serve you well ;)
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    G'day Allen A good read of the relevant sections of the Dog and Lemon Guide might prove useful especially if reliability is important to you and if you don't have bags of money to throw around.
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    How much mod is needed, really?

    ".....The owner of the slightly stuck car looked at nick suprised and asked: How the hell did you get up here?....." I used to frequently get asked this question by avid 4x4 freaks when I popped up on some forestry track or other in a stock standard 1970 VW Microbus :D
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    gentlemens hours

    Work? Wot's work?? Do you all have to use such vulgar words??? :D
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    A majority of 12/24v problems can be attributed to inadequacies in the supply lines and earth returns. Voltage drop over undersized wires and poor connections can be quite considerable. There is often some confusion in the industry descriptions of wire sizes, e.g. an 'automotive' 6mm cable can...
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    What size auxilary battery do I need?

    Things Electrical There's a series of books put out by Collyn Rivers (yes- Collyn) - which you might be able to borrow from your local library - that cover most things camping and caravanning including electrical systems and solar/alternator/mains supply charging, as well as the performances of...
  14. rollywheeler

    How much mod is needed, really?

    If off-roading has one commonality with everyday driving then it would be that the most important mod would be the proper and full preparation of the nut holding the steering wheel ;)
  15. rollywheeler

    Olden Newbie.

    I'm a late starter in the 4by world and prospective "Grey Nomad". I've got the tug: 1985 Landcruiser FJ62 Auto LPG/Petrol in great nick with less than 220,000km on the clock. The only mods at this stage are heavy duty alloy roo-bar and side steps and greasable spring hanger bushes. Next on the...