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  1. CruisingSned

    Washing underbody by flooding at boat ramp

    Are we allowed to identify the targets?
  2. CruisingSned

    Washing underbody by flooding at boat ramp

    I think XTRM87 sent you lot on a wild goose chase
  3. CruisingSned

    What have I got wrong?

    Generally a dead short would result in a lot higher current and massive voltage drop to the point where the LEDs wouldn't light up.
  4. CruisingSned

    What have I got wrong?

    Smitty Your testing setup sounds right. Did you happen to measure volts while running the light? As voltage drops current rises. Are you sure you read the rating for the correct light? 12.7A sounds like a reasonable current draw depending on size of the light. It would be worth checking. By...
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    Looking for mods

    Mods and rockers work for you?
  6. CruisingSned

    Warn winch motor end

    Thanks Andrew. Sorry bout the slow reply. Thinking I might bite the bullet and upgrade the motor. Try to get it waterproof.
  7. CruisingSned

    Warn winch motor end

    Thanks Barra. I have looked into upgrading the motor. Hoping not to spend the dollars at the moment if I can. Bought an M12000 for $100 that came off a service truck. Bugger all use but the mud had caked on around the end cap and corroded it away. All the internals are like new. It also seems a...
  8. CruisingSned

    Warn winch motor end

    looking for an end cap for a warn 4.6hp motor or a dead motor. Found mine is corroded and cracked. Preferably Newcastle or central coast Thanks
  9. CruisingSned

    Anyone have plans for rear drawers?

    The 4wd supacentre ones make a good base if they fit the bill. Shortened one of the single drawers for the back of my landcruiser 105 so i could still use the anchor point. Have attached a drop down fridge slide to one of them. Simple design. Seem to be holding up well so far.
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    Don't be so scared of a 16 year old. If she wasn't right you wouldn't get so upset.
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    Camper Trailer in the High Country

    Have a look on YouTube at a guy called Tyler Thompson. He did a series of 5 videos on high country. A lot of the tracks he did were fairly well maintained.
  12. CruisingSned

    Jeep crash / roll over off the cliff near O'Tooles

    Wow, could have easily drowned. Would be good to know what went wrong.
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    Do you have an intercooler fitted already? Is front or top mount? Have you upgraded your exhaust and inlet? A good snorkel will make a big difference
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    Redarc or Projecta DCDC Charger

    Look at where you are going to mount the dc dc. If you place it under the bonnet it will get hot, which will eventually damage the dc dc. Electrolytic caps don't like heat and degrade very quickly The only one I could find that was rated to be mounted behind the grill was the redarc. This is a...
  15. CruisingSned

    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    I couldn't get the code to work on that winch. Not sure if I missed something?
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    Transgenders in sport

    Common sense is a bit of a loose term
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    Landcruiser FJ73 the new build

    Probably already been asked. What did you paint the rear bar and sliders with? Finish looks really awesome.
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    Transgenders in sport

    Time to let out your inner phobias.